Make a long term investment in your body

02 juli 2015 | Av Matthew Griffiths

It is in our own interest to have a sense of awareness and observation in how we move and train. More often than not we have a chance to counter balance physical dysfunction, with good planning and skills we can all set a productive environment to move and be athletic in. It is worth spending time investing on the long term development of your body and not to rush to fast in getting a quick fix. Have patience and envisage how you want your body to function and feel, this will give your direction to your training and more importantly reinforce your purpose.

The value of longevity - a long and healthy life
As training and movement applications evolve and as our interaction with our bodies develops, the demand for creating and building longevity in our training programs has never been so important. Physical and emotional dysfunction is growing throughout the modern societies. Our need to feel and move better has never been more in focus! Traditional gym training is not sustainable enough for optimal wellness. Health is paramount and the off set of pathology is the dream.

Training applications
Everybody is an individual and the training application and exercise protocols needs to be considered based upon the user’s needs and parameter in question. The basic fundamentals of a healthy functional body apply to all whatever they intend to use they body for, whether it is for playing sport or just hanging out with the kids.

Humans are complex units and we have a magnitude of systems that need developing. In short some of the physical components that I choose to condition:

  • Optimize static and dynamic posture
  • Articulation of the joint structures
  • Conditioning the fascia matrix
  • Developing bio systems such as balance and reaction
  • Teaching naturals movement patterns such as the; gait, lunging, reaching, jumping, bending, rotating, squat, climbing

My teaching and training techniques are influenced from a cross section of training forms and disciplines which are coupled with personal observations and science. Everyone has a mission and a desire. I keep it fun and keep it real. The number 1 goal is optimize human performance!

The focus
Personally I focus on developing my ability to move and perform with control, strength and rhythm from all dimensions both from a day to day perspective as well as from an athletic stand point. I concentrate on larger volumes of good articulation of the joints, creating elasticity in my soft tissue and conditioning the static and dynamic stabilizers. I move in all 3 planes of motion, spending large amounts of time in the transverse (rotation) and frontal (side to side) planes to balance out my body from time on my bike and the track. I believe in conditioning the non-obvious bio systems such as balance, respiratory, reflex and reaction systems. This keeps me alert and sharp both physically and mentally.

Check out my videos here at Yogobe to try my training methods yourself! 

Matthew Griffiths

Matthew är utbildningssamordnare och personlig tränare inom hälsa och fitness. Matthews arbete är inriktat på att låta varje elev utveckla sina naturliga rörelsemönster.

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