Florescense - An Embodied Movement & Human Design Retreat with Inna Smirnoff Mannert & Abbey Rae Wilson

Dato: 17 - 19 desember 2021

Plass: Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart, Ringvägen 126, Tunnelbana: Skanstull

Instruktør: Inna Smirnoff Mannert & Abbey Rae Wilson

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Florescene - An Embodied Movement & Human Design Retreat at Pranama with Inna Smirnoff Mannert & Abbey Rae Wilson

- florescence • \flor-ESS-unss\ • noun. : a state or period of being in bloom or of flourishing the process of flowering, the process of developing richly and fully

This weekend retreat offers a unique fusion of embodiment and Human Design, serving you a container to deeply connect to your inner world, and support in closing any limitations of one chapter in order to spring into the next one.

Together we will go on a journey through the vast layers of ourselves in order to uncover and find connection to all parts of the authentic self. This experience offers the gift of feeling, and through that truly seeing oneself through a wider, clearer lense.

This weekend retreat is specifically designed for women, curated to empower you with the loving presence of sisterhood. We will indulge in movement, relaxation, sharing, journaling, singing, spaciousness, discussion, community and connection.

Your Investment

2990 SEK - Includes: a warm & nourishing home-cooked lunch, snacks, tea & a gift bag filled with exciting products and offers.

Book your spot here.

Spots are limited to ensure an intimate, spacious experience.

Our days together & themes

  • Friday  17th of December 18.00-21.00
    • Intention & initiation as we come together in circle
    • Exploring ways to release limiting beliefs + anchor ‘the chatter of the mind’
  • Saturday 18th of December 10.00-18.00
    • Unpacking, understanding and thriving through our unique expression of emotion
  • Sunday 19th of December 10.00-18.00
    • Empowered connection to your body, intuition and self
    • Sealing our weekend with a full moon ceremony and celebration

Coming together in practice

Authentic Flow: Authentic Flow is an intuitive, embodied and explorative yoga and somatics class with some or all of these tools included: asana, authentic movement, unique soundscape, mantra, pranayama, creative sequencing, self exploration, Tantrik philosophy and elemental work.

Our morning sessions will be curated through the lens of Authentic Flow, tuning us into the vessel of our bodies and to find a connection within from which our truest expression can unfurl.

Embodied Yin: Embodied Yin™ is where the mystical permeates the mundane. It invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind. It increases awareness of our mind-body connection in each dimension and through different somatic approaches, intuitive movement, classical nondual Tantra, Chinese medicine and Yin yoga, opens up space by helping to release limitations.

Our afternoon sessions will be supportive for the integration + digestion of the day we’ve had as well as bring replenishment to all of our layers, allowing the body to rest and move slowly in order to catch up with every aspect of ourselves.

Human Design: Human Design is an awareness modality that blends together ancient practices such as astrology, the chakra system and the Chinese I’Ching. What it generates is a beautifully layered blueprint of you. Revealing so much of your soul power and the practical tools you can use to lean in. This awareness allows you to re-meet and wholeheartedly accept your inner world, bringing ease, self recognition and aligned flow.

We will use this practice to not only create a held space for your individuality, during this weekend, but to also share with you the specific tools that guide you through; the release of limiting thoughts, embracing of your emotional power and connection to your body’s intuition.

Some Practicalities

This retreat will be held at Pranama and is suited for every women, no previous experience needed, yet there will be lots of interesting insights for those who've practiced both embodied movement and explored Human Design for a while as well.

There are a lot of cozy spots at the studio to hang, connect with other participants or take rest, as well as many beautiful walks in nature around the neighborhood.

Please share with us your birth details (time/date/location - as specific as possible) this is for the Human Design part of the retreat and ensures we provide you with a container uniquely tailored to you.

The Food

Our vegan lunch meals will be cooked by Sanna Rask. She is a holistic health coach that focuses on cooking plant-based and colorful food made with love for body and soul. She loves to be creative in the kitchen, and serve people nutritious food that will directly transform into life energy. Authentic eating experiences, from soul to table. Find out more about her on her Instagram @soultotable.co.

Come sweetly unfurl the magick of you!

Any questions? Please e-mail us to [email protected]

With love always,

Pranama & Inna + Abbey

Praktiskt Information:

  • Dates and time:
    • Friday, 17/12: 18.00-21.00
    • Saturday, 18/12: 10.00-18.00
    • Sunday, 19/12: 10.00-18.00
  • Location:
    • Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart, Ringvägen 126, Tunnelbana: Skanstull
  • Price:
    • 2990 SEK
  • Previous Knowledge:
    • No previous experience needed
  • Teachers:
    • Inna Smirnoff Mannert & Abbey Rae Wilson
  • Included:
    • a warm & nourishing home-cooked lunch
    • snacks
    • tea & a gift bag filled with exciting products and offers
  • To bring:
    • Journal & pen
    • comfortable clothes
    • socks and anything else you might need to be comfortable
  • Operated by: Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart together with Inna Smirnoff Mannert & Abbey Rae Wilson

About the fascilitators

Inna Smirnoff Mannert - Inna is one of the co-founders of Pranana – The Center of The Great Heart, which is a supportive and safe space holding the vision of us diving deep, going far and thriving. She is one of the head teachers at Pranama and facilitates Authentic Flow & Embodied Yin™ in weekly classes and in teacher trainings. She has also sat in and facilitated many women's circles and does a lot of her work in private sessions where she supports women 1:1 with mentoring, intuitive healing & guidance. You’ll find her on Instagram at @womanspath.

Abbey Rae Wilson - Abbey is a Human Design coach, lover and enthusiast, she dedicates her days to her calling of spreading the message and magic of Human Design. Working with clients and their families, around the world to bring harmony and acceptance within and for all. Abbey discovered Human Design on a personal level four years ago and has since then immersed herself into the richness of her own design, honouring who she is on a soul level has elevated many areas of her own journey and her message is to empower others to own their inner magic too. Originally from England, but happy that her feet have landed in her spiritual home of Stockholm. You’ll find her on Instagram @abbeyraewilson

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