September on Yogobe – fall in love with routines

01 September 2021 | By Yogobe

There is a fresh start over September. How do you create habits that makes you feel good - without being so strict that it steals your joy? Here we give you tips on sustainable, nourishing routines to look forward to this autumn!

Make room for what makes you feel good

September. The air is crispier and the beautiful and lazy days of summer are over. It's time to start finding your way back to routines or creating new ones to meet the autumn with new energy. Sure, it can be nice not to be so picky with routines, but without continuity it is easy to skip doing what we feel good about and end up in a vicious spiral of lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and headaches.

Do you also wonder how it's possible to have time to move, unwind, eat well, take care of your relationships and jobs or studies? And at the same time keep the enjoyable feeling that summer brings? This month we share inspiration and tips to give space and prioritize things that make you feel good - it doesn't have to be more than 15 minutes a day!

What's new at Yogobe in September?

We can't wait to reveal our two new members of Team Yogobe! One of them will offer mental training and give her best tips on how to deal with sleeping problems – and the other will hold Pilates classes in English! We also have new wonderful yoga classes with Johanna Hector to look forward to!

In the blog, you will find inspiring reading about everyday routines, exercise and yoga and much more from, among others, Frida Lindgren Karlsson, Johanna Hector, Julia Glutz and Cecilia Gustafsson in Team Yogobe.

During September, you will be able to take wonderful classes in real time with, among others, Anja Bergh, Ulrica Norberg and Milla Floryd. Read more about and book this month's Yogobe LIVE classes here!

We release new videos on a regular basis - in this playlist you will find examples of our latest launches. Maybe you find a new favorite for your weekly or daily routine?

8 tips for creating sustainable and nourishing routines

  • What do you want and need? First and foremost, ask yourself what it is you want - your "why". What do you want to prioritize, how much and in which order? Find out what gives and takes energy and what you have too much of and too little of right now. What needs are most important for your priorities to be sustainable?
  • Eat-and-sleep-clock. Research shows that we feel good about having a regularity and enough sleep, exercise, recovery and nutritious food. Plan your training, food and meditation time in advance.
  • Be prepared! We often have our Achilles heels. Stress, fatigue or anxiety that makes us do other things than what we want. Can you locate what it is that usually puts you out of the game, look kindly on yourself (talking down on yourself rarely helps), and see what you need right now? Maybe a short meditation or walk?
  • Make the routine enjoyable! We want to continue with something that we remember as nice and gives a good feeling. Can the morning or evening routine become a ritual? What does it contain? Maybe light a scented candle, shake it off, read something inspiring or just enjoy some quiet time?
  • Set boundaries and ask for help. Studies show that about 70 percent of us who are burned out are women, often mothers, and part of that is that women still more often have double work, with greater practical and emotional responsibility for household and children.
  • Serenity prayer. What can you change and what do you need to accept and relate to right now?  If something will take a lot of energy from you, if you are in the middle of big challenges, be nice, reduce your must do's and give yourself more safety and rest.
  • Do you take breaks during your working day? Regular breaks are incredibly important for our well-being! Check out our Pausa Smart Challenge - a 4-week challenge to get started with short breaks at work.

This month's selected playlists

In September, we have selected playlists to help you create comfortable routines - whether you want to exercise, yoga, unwind after the day or get a good night's sleep:

  • Slow it down – sleep prep: End your day in the best possible way and improve your sleep! Here you'll find a mix of yoga classes and meditations that will help you slow down in the evening.
  • Everyday yoga: In this playlist you'll find a mix of yoga classes that you can practice everyday to release tension, work on your balance, calm down your mind etc.
  • Pump it up – raise your heart rate: Get your heart pumping and energy flowing by intense workout. Explore a great mix of classes that will challenge you physically.
  • Unwind body & mind: After a day filled with meetings, deadlines and to do-lists it can be hard to wind down. See this playlist as a whole class, or choose just one video, to help settle your mind in the evening.

This autumn's selected online courses in Swedish- 50% discount

Create continuity by participating in a course! During September and October, you can buy three of our most popular online courses at half price! Choose between:

  • YOMI Yin: A course for you who experience stress and anxiety in everyday life. The yoga teachers and licensed psychologists Frida Hylander and Maria Johansson guide you through lectures, yoga and mindfulness exercises.
  • Lär dig meditera: A 12-week course with Ulrica Norberg for you who want to learn to meditate or get started with a regular meditation practice.

The offer is valid until 31/10 2021.

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Take the opportunity to become an annual member or update your membership for only 1899 SEK and get Yogiraj's premium mat "Natural Studio mat" with your purchase (value 899 SEK). The autumn offer is valid until 11 October 2021. Read more here.

Read more about habits, meditation and training

Videos for new habits – yoga, meditation & training online

30 min

Yoga with

Increase strength and develop stamina through this short flow with sun salutations.

5 min

Move with

RFLG: Whole body workout to release and let go of bad feelings.

15 min

Meditate with

A guided meditation that connects you with your inner wisdom through imagination and creativity.

60 min

Yoga with

A sweet, rejuvenating and relaxing yin yoga that culminates in blissful restorative yoga for clarity.

To watch a full video you need to be logged in as a paying Yogobe member. Haven't tried Yogobe before? Try it for free during 14 days – get started here!


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