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Yogobe Business

Introduction - Yogobe Business

We provide support, offer ideas based on the latest science and jointly implement health activities based on the need for physical, mental and social wellbeing within your corporation or organisation. Yoga, meditation, mobility exercises being a few such activities. We have about 3,000 yoga teachers and health experts throughout Scandinavia in our network, and can also offer yoga teachers for on-site classes in larger parts of Europe and the western world. Digitally, on the other hand, we can offer your organization global support and guidance in terms of video tutorials and more for immediate implementation. (English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish). We will help you tackle increased sedentary and stress-related health issues by meeting your specific demand for mobility exercises, focus- and productivity training, breathing and relaxation techniques and more for your work force.

What makes the Yogobe concept unique is that we offer a combination of high quality health measures online and offline (on-site at the company). We define this as blended learning. Together we reach the people within your organisation on their individual terms. Anytime anywhere.


We live in an environment of constant change. This puts an evident strain on the individual, companies and our society as a whole. Consequences of this fast-moving reality are for instance increased mental health issues and sick leave as an effect of sedentary lifestyles. Our joint challenge is to adapt and accept this. As the leading digital platform in our geographical region and through our forums, video tutorials and huge database of knowledge and know-how within yoga, meditation and wellness, Yogobe is equipped to work for the health and well-being among your employees.

The best workout is the one that actually takes place. Let us together provide the individual with these conditions, on his and her own terms. Through discipline, consistency and and a sound routine, we can jointly prevent injuries and for instance, back pain, and learn how to handle negative stress in a good way for increased focus and efficiency.

On this page we will outline our standard services and packages. We also customize programs and digital support based on customer needs. In addition, we have partners who focus on leadership and personal growth, transformation, mental training and value-added work which can be offered on-site at the workplace. For more information and cooperation, contact

How stress affects your brain

Our business services

Yoga and wellness activities at the workplace
Would you like a yoga teacher or trainer to visit your office every week? Perhaps you have a theme- or team building day planned and would like to arrange a class or invite a lecturer within the field of yoga, health, exercise, diet or personal growth? We customize packages to fit your needs and if you need to buy equipment, we will of course assist you with this as well and at very good rates. Read more about Yogobe Business and on-site implementation here!

If you are a yoga teacher or active within the field of health and would like to work with Yogobe, click here for more information

Video streaming - corporate subscription
Team Yogobe consists of many leading profiles within yoga, health and wellness in Scandinavian. We also have native english speaking experts from the UK and the USA. Together we make high quality video guidance available and easily accessible on the terms of the individual. Our library consists of +1100 videos. Employees can work out with colleagues or on their own at the workplace. Yogobe is relevant to anyone who wants to invest in active recovery, counteract back and neck problems, create space for reflection, creativity, and strive for increased sustainable productivity and well-being in everyday life.

  • Unrestricted access to a joint corporate account. (For use on 1 device at the time).
  • The employees can practice yoga and exercise virtually together in groups, for example in front of a screen in the conference room.
  • Annual subscription (per company)
  • Price: 1990 SEK / month (excl. VAT) - EUR equivalent: 199 EUR.
    • Please note: Companies can also procure individual Yogobe membership centrally for employees.

Pausa Smart - Special program online for companies (In Swedish)
Well-needed movement for the body and new energy for the brain with short and effective breaks. Pausa Smart contains 24 video sequences created based on our business customers' needs. The video sequences are between 3 and 15 minutes where each movie has a specific purpose and every employee gets their own login. For now this program is only accessible in Swedish. Read more here (in Swedish). 

”The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.”

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