6 Veckor

Trauma-informed yoga program

A 6-week program to learn about trauma and PTSD, and how trauma-informed yoga can support you in trauma reactions in your everyday life.



Understand and regulate your trauma responses

This program is for anyone who has gone through a trauma and is now experiencing PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms, even if you have not yet been diagnosed but recognize a lot of the symptoms within you.
You will get  theoretical lectures about what trauma and PTSD are, how the nervous system and brain are affected, as well as practical exercises to regulate your system, both short- and long-term. You will gain an understanding of why the combination of bodywork, like breathing exercises and yoga, together with support from a trauma-informed psychologist is...
6 Weeks program
24 videos in total
Week 1
3 Videos - 50Min
Week 2
4 Videos - 40Min
Week 3
3 Videos - 45Min
Week 4
3 Videos - 1H3Min
Week 5
2 Videos - 30Min
Week 6
9 Videos - 2H55Min