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YIN YOGA: Seeking Serenity - part 4

24 December 2017 | By Ulrica Norberg

This is the fourth and final part of the theme month on yin yoga. Yin yoga places you in positions that are challenging for joints, ligaments, and muscles; positions that can hurt you if you leave them too quickly or aggressively. In this part I will give you some final advices so that you can continue your practice when this theme month ends. Let me educate, guide and inspire you to a more balanced life where yin yoga plays an important part.

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YIN YOGA: Seeking Serenity - part 3

17 December 2017 | By Ulrica Norberg

Being a yogi doesn’t mean you don’t have problems; you just have more tools for dealing with them. This is the third part of the theme month on yin yoga. In this part I will inspire you how to work with your practice and what to think about. The demands of Western culture can easily lead to low self-esteem. Let me educate, guide and inspire you to a more balanced life where yin yoga plays an important part.

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YIN YOGA: Seeking Serenity - part 2

10 December 2017 | By Ulrica Norberg

We are all battling stress, tension, and mental challenges. Yin yoga is the theme for this month and in this second part (of four) you will learn more about how you can reduce stress and tension in your life. I, like most people, have a long list of tasks to accomplish every day and many roles to juggle. Let me educate, guide and inspire you to a more balanced life with where yin yoga plays an important part.

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Full Complete Breath technique

05 December 2017 | By Ulrica Norberg

As babies we breathed full, complete breaths, then somewhere along the way we loose track of this breath. In the yin yoga practice, the full complete breath is a marvelous tool to connect to in order to come in to the observer attention mode and also so recognize and notice what the body tells you about its form. The breath is also the force that your attention travels on.  Find out how we can find our way back to the full complete breath here. 

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YIN YOGA: Seeking serenity - part 1

03 December 2017 | By Ulrica Norberg

It is time to pause and reboot. Welcome to this months theme: Yin yoga - Seeking serenity. In life we strive to maintain a balance between yin and yang. Both on and off the yoga mat. If you choose to follow this month during December or in a period of your life filled with a hectic schedule I wish to welcome you. Regardless of if it is the weeks leading up to Christmas or not it is important you add YIN to your life. Let me educate, guide and inspire you during four weeks of exploring. Allow yin yoga to balance you!

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Grow Your Brain With Meditation

04 May 2017 | By Yogobe

Sara Lazar, at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, have made several studies on how meditation affects the brain. Studies show that practicing meditation not only stimulates the activity in the brain, but actually has an impact on its physical structure.

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Tantra and Desire

12 April 2017 | By Sarah Platt-Finger

What is desire? And how do we find space to see our true desires? Sarah Platt-Finger helps us understand desires from a tantric perspective and how they are connected to our chakras. She also explains the concept of Gunas in this inspiring blog post that takes us into the world of yoga philosophy. I would love for you to come practice with me, and my husband Alan Finger, at Yoga Games Gothenburg on May 26-28. 

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New To Yoga? We Got The Tips!

09 April 2017 | By Yogobe

Like everything new and unfamiliar we never tried before, it can feel difficult and maybe even a bit daunting to start with yoga. So for you who find it hard to get started, we list a few of the tips that can help you on your way. Remember, yoga is for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding what suits you!

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Evening Routine - How To End Your Day Feeling Relaxed

01 April 2017 | By Yogobe

Regardless of how your day has been, give yourself a moment to wind down, reflect and let your body find peace. To go to sleep without a moment of relaxation may have a negative impact on your sleep and your body's opportunity to recover. So give yourself the chance to balance OFF and ON with a nice evening routine!

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New research findings on anxiety

22 March 2017 | By Yogobe

Why do some people worry more than others? What causes unease and anxiety and how do we get rid of it? Here we discuss eight new research studies on the subject.

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5 Things That Will Help You To Yoga Online

01 March 2017 | By Yogobe

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start practicing yoga at home? It doesn’t have to be a full yoga session, a bit of stretching with a few exercises to open up the body can do wonders. If we add up what 15 minutes per day would be in a year… It’s 5,475 minutes, a total of 91 hours, it doesn't have to be more than that! Leia Dehlin gives you the best tips and tricks on how to get started with yoga at home.

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Research: What Is Your Time Really Worth?

01 March 2017 | By Yogobe

Are you in a unstoppable spiral where the days run together? Is it difficult to find the time to live between job, commuting, pickup and leaving, leisure activities and the never-ending pile of laundry? Here we discuss the research on Downshifting – less working hours and consuming less, to get more time for other things.

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Three Tips To Combat Fatigue

01 March 2017 | By Emma Öberg

Are there any exercises that are good to practice after experiencing fatigue? You keep hearing that you should listen to your body. But how do we know WHAT we really should be listening for? I want to share with you three therapeutic principles that can help you when you practice.

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Prāṇa - does it really exist?

26 February 2017 | By Simon Krohn

Sometimes we might expereince things that we can't really explain. This can be very confusing, and scary. When it comes to yoga philosophy there are many parts of this that might be difficult for our western minds to grasp, such as prāṇa, the energy of life. Simon Krohn, yoga teacher with an MA in philosophy, had one of these experiences, which took him on a journey within himself. Here he explains how we can understand life and open our minds through different approaches to different experiences. 

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What's up with all those Handstands? A lot.

12 January 2017 | By Yogobe

More and more of us does it. We practice and practice to get the perfect one. Handstands. "It's not a circus exclusive anymore, it's out there." Elaine De Souza, Yoga Games queen of handstands, gives us an insight about all the parts of our bodies included in a handstand, and how we can prevent these parts from getting injured when practicing. Don't miss the chance to practice with Elaine at Yoga Games Stockholm on February 10-12, book both Saturday and Sunday and get a discount with the code YOGOBE. 

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