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What is restorative yoga?

30 June 2021 | By Yogobe

Unwind in everyday life with restorative yoga – the soft yoga form with quiet, relaxing positions that help you relax deeply. Read more about restorative here!

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Yogobe launches a new app for Android and iOS

14 June 2021 | By Yogobe

Finally it's here - today Yogobe launches a new app with its service on Android and iOS. Read more about the app here!

Download the app:

Google play

All you need to know about the Yogobe Apps

Several years ago, we developed a simple and effective iOS app for the occasions when you didn’t have an internet connection and still wanted to have access to Yogobe. With the offline mode functionality, the app was a complement to the web version,

In the past few years, our members have requested an app with more comprehensive functionality. Together with a couple of hundred members, we have gained a great understanding of our members' needs and with the new app we want to make everyday life easier and make it easier for you to maintain routines that make you feel good. Now we are finally launching the first version of this app! Read more further down about what is coming now and what we are working on next.

Many thanks to all the members who were involved and for your engagement. In the app, there is a feedback function which we welcome you to use so that, based on what you tell us, we can further develop our apps in line with your needs and wishes.

What features are included in the new app?

The new Yogobe app includes many new, user-friendly features:

In the first release we offer the following features:

  • Offline-mode: Get access to all videos on Yogobe even when you don’t have internet connection
  • Recommended: Based on your interests and needs you are provided with recommended videos and playlists - to make it even more simple to find what you need
  • Search: Type in a search word and find a specific video or audio session. Combine the search with the filter and find exactly what you are looking for!
  • Filter: Use the filter function to find content that corresponds to your needs
  • Favorites: Favorite mark the videos you love for quick access
  • Playlists: Create, change and share your own playlists or save someone else's as a favorite
  • Cast: Use Airplay or Chromecast to yoga and workout in front of your TV.

In future releases, the following features will be included:

  • Programs: Full access to all of our + 45 customized programs
  • Challenges: Join our 4 week challenges, optimized for your individual needs
  • Courses: Get access to your online course
  • Notifications: You decide when and if you want to get motivational notifications
  • Team Yogobe: Follow teachers and visit their profiles to see their playlists, favorites and blog posts.

Can I become a member through the app, and does it cost?

The app is free to download and you can become a member directly via the app. However, below we explain the benefits of becoming a member and upgrade your membership at compared to via the apps.

→ Become a member first via - and then download the app 
When you register as a new member on Yogobe through the website you get a free period of at least 14 days. A trial period when you can try the service without binding time and always without entering payment card or account details. This means that your trial period can never automatically turn into a paying subscription. For us at Yogobe, it is important that you choose whether you want to upgrade to becoming a paying member or not.

→ Pay via instead of through App Store and Google Play
When it comes to the App Store and iOS, however, it does not work the same way as it does via the website. They require you to enter your payment information in order for you to get access to your free trial. Admittedly, this simply means that you yourself need to cancel the trial before your 14 days are over, if you do not want your membership to automatically turn into a paying subscription and then to the prices that apply in the app (which is on average 15 % above the prices on as a result of Google and Apple charging up to 30%).

If / when you choose to pay for Yogobe via Google Play or the App Store, you start a paying subscription with them, not with us. When you want to cancel a subscription, it is therefore important that you do so directly in your iOS or Android device and not on or in Yogobe's app. However, we are ALWAYS there to give you support and help and you can reach us via [email protected]

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you first create your account and also start subscriptions on, to save money and then choose to download the app and log in with your login details. Everything you do as logged in on the website and in the apps mirrors each other.

Read more about the app here!

Give us a review

Do you appreciate the app? Please give us a review. Your feedback will help us get better. Psst! We love tips, ideas and 5 stars;)

Leave a review via the App Store here, and Google Play here.

Download the app

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June on Yogobe – a smooth transition into vacay mode

04 June 2021 | By Yogobe

Welcome June! Perhaps the most beautiful time of the year - but also a time that can be busy with  before the upcoming summer vacation. This month we are exploring how we can balance activity with moments of mindfulness and recovery so that we can face the summer with energy.

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Training with resistance band 

18 May 2021 | By Julia Glutz

Training with resistance bands offers a fun and effective way of working out that is easy to do – at home or wherever you are. Learn more about how this form of exercise can contribute to a sustainable and injury-free body and what to keep in mind when using resistance bands.

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May on Yogobe – time for transformation

01 May 2021 | By Yogobe

Welcome beautiful month of May! This month we are inspired by nature's magnificent transformation, all the buds that bloom. Examine your relationship to change - and find the motivation to make the changes that make you more YOU.

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What is metta meditation?

14 April 2021 | By Yogobe

Metta meditation is a Buddhist meditation that focuses on loving kindness. You direct the feeling first to yourself, then to someone you hold close, and to all living beings. Here you will learn more about metta bhavana meditation that can help you to open your heart.

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What is ashtanga yoga?

17 March 2021 | By Yogobe

Ashtanga – the dynamic yoga style. Here you will learn more about the basics of the disciplined and physically demanding yoga form Ashtanga, which purifies both your body and your mind.

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March on Yogobe – find YOUR flow

01 March 2021 | By Yogobe

March is here! The light has begun to return to our latitudes and spring is on it's way. The snow and ice begin to slowly melt and return to a liquid state. Just like the transformation that is now taking place in nature, we have the opportunity to let stagnant energy flow which make us feel vital again. In March, we want to inspire you to find your flow - in your yoga, training and everyday life.

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What ARE yoga props & how to use them?

28 February 2021 | By Yogobe

Yoga accessories, or props, can deepen your yoga practice, make positions more accessible and help you do yoga in a more sustainable way. Props like bolsters, yoga blocks, belts and blankets may seem advanced to use but once you know how to use them they can become your best friends in your practice. Learn more about using props here!

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