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Tailored to meet a number of different needs and interests we have created online courses / immersions together with leading experts. This segment lives outside of the Yogobe Subscription offering, Yogobe PLAY. Courses are bought with one-time payments with each up to 12 months access. Explore our different courses today and participate in one or several at a time.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can participate in an online course?

    Our online courses are not part of Yogobe PLAY and subscriptions, which means they are purchased separately, whether you already are a paying member or not. In order to participate in a course, log in to your account on Yogobe and proceed with a purchase of your chosen course.
  • How do I purchase a course?

    Begin by clicking on the course you are interested in purchasing. Then click on the button Join course and fill in your payment information. You will be offered two choices, either making a one-time payment with a credit card or directly through Swish. The course will be activated as soon as the purchase have been completed.
  • Can I purchase a course with my wellness grant?

    Yes, you can purchase an online course with your wellness grant. Begin by making your purchase directly on www.yogobe.com. You will then find your receipt through your profile in the upper right corner of the page. Click on My settings and then on My receipts to download your receipt to your device.
  • Can I purchase a course through a wellness grant partner?

    Yes, absolutely! Our online courses are available through Benify, Wellnet and ePassi.
  • How do I join a course via an access code?

    Click on the course you have received an access code to. Click “Join course”.
    Find the text: “Do you have a unique code? Click here” and click on the link.
    Fill in the code in the box and click on ✓.