Online course: The Yoga Fundamentals

Learn about the fundamental parts of yoga – and create a solid foundation in your yoga practice and your inner self.

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The Yoga Fundamentals – online course

Welcome to The Yoga Fundamentals – an online series for anyone looking to refine their understanding and embodiment of the bedrock tools, techniques and ideas of the practice. The fundamentals are the most powerful part of the practice - their potency exists in their simplicity. The key to a powerful, graceful practice, and a practice with longevity, is always intimacy and reverence for the essence of the practice.

Whether you are stepping on the mat for the very first time, or you have been practicing and teaching for years,  this course is intended to...
7 Weeks program
14 videos in total
Part 1

2 Videos - 1H5Min

Part 2

2 Videos - 1H15Min

Part 3

2 Videos - 1H

Part 4

2 Videos - 1H20Min

Part 5

2 Videos - 1H15Min

Part 6

2 Videos - 1H30Min

Part 7

2 Videos - 1H20Min