5 Benefits of Pilates – A Fitness Approach for Your Body and Mind

30 January 2024 | By Emma Cowan

Pilates can help you strengthen your body, with quick results, and also strengthen the mind and body connection. In this post I give you five reasons to start practicing Pilates.

Pilates – Tones Your Body and Provides Mental and Physical Benefits

I’ve worked and practiced Pilates for over a decade now. When I began my practice, I noticed the result almost immediately. With consistent practice Pilates has provided me with a strong body from the inside out that moves with ease. I’ve gained more confidence and a deeper interest in all activies that strengthen the mind and body connection!

Practicing Pilates offers a comprehensive workout that tones your body and provides mental and physical benefits. Here are five reasons why I think Pilates can make a significant difference to your workout routine:

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates

  • Core Strength: Pilates focuses on deep abdominal and core muscles, giving you a strong foundation for overall stability. Strengthening these muscles enhances balance and leaves you feeling more powerful.
  • Flexibility: Pilates is a full-body workout that boosts flexibility and increases your range of motion. By stretching and lengthening muscles, it makes you more agile and less prone to injuries. Because of this I highly recommend incorporating Pilates with any other type of workout regimen!
  • Mind-Body Connection: Beyond physical exercise, Pilates is a mindful practice. Controlled movements and conscious breathing create a connection between mind and body, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.
  • All-Inclusive: Suitable for all fitness levels, Pilates can be adapted to individual needs. It's gentle on the joints yet challenging enough for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners. All you need is a mat, and you're good to go!
  • Results: Consistency with Pilates brings results – expect improved posture, increased muscle tone, and enhanced overall strength. Pilates sculpts and defines your body without heavy weights or intense workouts.

Pilates is more than a workout; it's a fitness approach for your body and mind. Roll out that mat and start a journey towards a stronger, more flexible, and harmonious you. Your body will thank you!

Happy training,

Exercises Online – Pilates with Emma Cowan

Do you want to try out Pilates? Here you'll find selected classes and playlists. You will find all our Pilates classes, in both Swedish and English, in the audio and video library.

20 min

Move with

Energizing workout for glutes and legs with the support and strenght from your core.

30 min

Move with

Move your whole body and get your sweat on!

20 min

Move with

Pilates with a resistance band – move your spine and challenge your core strength.

15 min

Move with

Maintain a good posture working upper body strength with a flexband.

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Emma Cowan

Emma is originally from Arizona, USA, now she lives in Gothenburg and teach pilates at Pilates Complete where she offers fun and lighthearted classes. Pilates is Emmas passion – she loves to learn and expand her practice.

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