Pilates Workout Series

Skapad av Yogobe

98 min (6 Videor)

Effective allround training at it's best – matwork, standing, kneeling and seated pilates classes! To get the best results, start with the workshop to learn the five basic principles in pilates and to warm up the body before getting your muscles working. Choose to do each class separate or as a workout series, it's all up to you!

3 min

Pilates Workout – introduction

Get to know the workout series and how to use it.

15 min

Pilates Workout – learn the basics

Learn the five basic principles of pilates and get a warm up for workout.

30 min

Pilates Workout – matwork

Basic pilates movements for inner stability and body awareness.

20 min

Pilates Workout – standing

Energizing workout for glutes and legs with the support and strength from your core.

15 min

Pilates Workout – on all fours

Short, sweet, and sweaty – connect with deeper abdominals, mobility and core strength.

15 min

Pilates Workout – seated

Hip, core and spine work with no load on hands and knees.