How Yogobe works – get the most out of your subscription

10 June 2023 | By Yogobe

Learn more about our subscription service and maximize your experience! In this blog post you will find information about how Yogobe works – various features and how to find them, both on the website and in the app.

Explore the video & audio library

In our library, we have over 2300 classes, exercises and lectures. You can choose between 80 different forms of yoga, lots of different forms of exercise as well as methods for personal development in, among other things, stress and sleep management. Go to the library – click here.

Find your way to our new classes and save the ones you like:

  • Use the filter function: To easily find what you're looking for in the library, we recommend you to use our filter function. You can use filters based on time, needs, instructors (Team Yogobe), styles, body parts and type of results.
  • Save your favorite classes: Remember to save the classes you like or want to try later. To mark a class as a favorite, just click on the ♡ heart next to the class. On the website, you will find your favorites under your profile (in the top right corner of the page) and My favorites. In the app, you will find them under Dashboard.

What is included in a subscription?

In addition to the content in the video and audio library, you'll also find the following to support you, bring you inspiration and help you create healthy habits:

  • Programs to help you create positive habits. We have +30 customized programs available for all active and paying subscribers. You'll find programs within yoga, exercise, stress management, personal growth and more. Take me to the programs!
  • Looking for a challenge? In addition to programs, we also offer challenges that last anywhere from seven days to several weeks. Go to all challenges!
  • Create & follow playlists. A playlist is exactly what it sounds like – a list of selected video or audio sessions. You can create your own playlists as well as follow playlists of other members or the ones created by us at Yogobe, based on different needs and themes. Take me to Yogobe's playlist overview.
  • How do I create a playlist? When you are watching a video or listening to an audio in the library, you can click on ⚫️⚫️⚫️ (three dots) under the video window, then select "add to playlist". You can either add it to an existing playlist or create a new one. You will then find your own playlist in your profile, under My favorites.

Navigate Yogobe's website

On the website you will find all of our content, even some content that is not available in the app. Below we list some of the most important features that may be useful to know about.

  • Your profile: Your profile is located in the upper right corner of the page. This is where you'll find all activated programs, theme pages and challenges, favorite marked video and audio sessions as well as playlists, settings for your subscription and much more.
    • Overview – this is where you will find the latest classes you have watched, the programs, challenges and theme pages you have joined, your booked LIVE events and the online courses you have purchased.
    • My Favorites – here you will find the video and audio sessions and playlists which you have marked as favorites. In the drop-down list at the top you are able to choose what you want to display.
    • My Playlists –  these are the playlists you created yourself.
    • My Settings – manage your profile and account settings, your personal information and access receipts, your promotion code to share with friends, codes for LIVE classes if you have a trial period and more.
    • Subscription – upgrade your subscription.
    • My Statistics – see statistics for your activity at Yogobe.
  • The subscription – Yogobe PLAY: On the website, you will find all that is included in the subscription under Play in the menu at the top of the page, however, you will find the LIVE classes under LIVE.
  • LIVE classes & events: These are included in a subscription. If you are on a trial period, two LIVE classes are included – codes to use for booking can be found under your profile (in the upper right corner of the page), click on My settings and then LIVE codes. The LIVE schedule is found under LIVE in the menu on the page.
  • Online courses: In addition to our subscription service, we also offer online courses. These are purchased separately and you will find them under Courses in the menu, click on Online courses.
  • The blog: In our blog, you will find lots of blog posts on different themes – for in-depth knowledge and inspiration. Find the blog under More in the menu at the top.
  • More: Under More in the menu, you will find our blog, our team of experts, information about wellness grants, our non-profit engagements, information about our care and business offers and more.
  • Knowledge & more information: At the bottom of the page you will find links to, among other things, pages with information about the different yoga and training styles we offer, more knowledge about yoga and different needs as well as information about the service, such as Q&A, contact details for customer service and more.

Navigate Yogobe's app

We also have an app, for both Android and iOS, where you will find, among other things, our entire video and audio library. If you don't already have the app – download it here!

The app includes the following:

  • Home: Here you can easily find all video and audio sessions based on, among other things, needs, news and different orientations as well as playlists.
  • Search: This is where you can search by free text but also through the filter function based on, among other things, time, yoga teacher/instructor/expert and various needs.
  • My overview: Here you will find the sessions and playlists you have marked as favorites as well as everything you have saved to offline mode. Here you will also find the theme pages, programs and challenges that you have joined on the website, as well as the online courses you have purchased on the website.
  • Programs, challenges, theme pages & courses: To be able to take part in programs, challenges and theme pages, as well as purchased online courses, in the app, you first need to have joined, or purchased, them on the website. You will then find them under My overview.


We write, create and do our utmost to inspire and guide our readers and members to balance and sustainable health. If you have requests for more knowledge on any topic, or have other inquries, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]