Run, Flow, Let Go

Skapad av Yogobe

30 min (6 Videor)

Here you will find all of Neo Moretons Run, Flow, Let Go classes. With these amazing classes, you train cardio, strength and mobility while letting go of emotional tensions. A original and fun way to work out that raises your heart rate and lifts your spirits! Run, Flow, Let Go are initially available on Yogobe during 2021.

5 min

Let go

RFLG: Short and sweet whole body workout that will leave you happy.

5 min

Laugh it out

RFLG: Full body workout that will make you smile and get your heart rate going.

5 min

Punch it out

RFLG: Release feelings of anger in this whole body workout.

5 min

Pound the ground

RFLG: Fun and challenging exercises that will help you let go of feelings of anger.

5 min


RFLG: Let go of control and let the body work hard.

5 min

Urge to purge

RFLG: Whole body workout to release and let go of bad feelings.