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Chakra Yoga Immerson - a One Day Retreat 

Datum: 22 oktober 2018

Plats: Stockholm

Instruktör: Ulrica Norberg & Mona Anand

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About the Retreat

In this one day chakra immersion Mona and Ulrica will lead you on a journey up the chakras to experience a oneness with the universe that we are all a part of.

The morning session will begin with a lecture and discussion on the lower chakras followed by a strong practice led by Ulrica and Mona to balance the lower chakras.

The afternoon session will include a lecture and discussion on the upper chakras and a jointly led long luxurious yin/restorative/yoga nidra/meditation practice to lead you to a place of deep inner stillness and peace.

Though the practices we will systematically balance the chakras moving the energy up to connect to the unified field of consciousness that we are all a part of. We will then bring the inspirational intelligence that lies in this field back down via the chakras into our lives.

Much welcome!

Useful Info

  • Date & time: October 22nd 2018, 9:00-16:30
  • Location: Yogashakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A, Stockholm
  • Price: 1050 SEK
    • 950 SEK for Yogashakti members
  • Included: Lunch, fruits & snacks
  • Teachers: Mona Anand & Ulrica Norberg
  • Organizer: Yogashakti
  • Register: Email us your name and phone number
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