9 tips for creating a regular yoga practice

09 februari 2021 | Av Yogobe

It can feel difficult to get started with yoga. Making yoga a part of your daily routine - can feel even more difficult. But you will get there! Get helpful tips on how to create a regular yoga practice here. 

How to make yoga a part of your daily routine

Have you fallen in love with the wonderful feeling in body and soul that comes after a yoga session? Do you want to take the step from just doing yoga now and then, to making yoga a regular practice? It takes a lot of discipline, dedication and smart planning, but if you have the will  you are already a long way off. Here are nine tips to help you get started:

  • Don't start with a bang
    Start with short sessions to get into the routine, it can feel overwhelming to have the time for longer sessions - you dont' have to do 90 minutes of yoga every day, 15 minutes is enough. Or five sun salutations if time is short. The most important thing is that you step up on the yoga mat.
  • Find a conscious breath
    Breathing is crucial to find focus and to release tension in the body. At first, it can be difficult to find your way into breathing. But give this time, it will come. Slowly but surely you will notice that your breaths become longer, deeper and more conscious. Breathing will also be your proof that you have not gone too deep into the physical positions. If your breathing stagnates and it becomes difficult to take long breaths, you have gone too far and need to back off.
  • Listen to your body
    Some days your body may not want, and need, the practice you have chosen. Adapt your practice instead of forcing yourself into positions and flows that are not compatible with how you are feeling. Be kind to yourself!
  • Learn the technique 
    By learning the techniques of the positions, you will get more out of your yoga and create space in your body so that energy and breathing can flow. So while at first it may seem more tempting to practice those advanced positions, focus on learning the technique in the "simpler" and basic positions. You will benefit from this when it is time to test other positions. You also build a strong foundation that prevents injuries. With Yogobe you can practice your techniques with the help of our technique videos!
  • Invest in a good yoga mat
    A good yoga mat will help you with your practice. It gives you grip and makes you feel safer. Other yoga props such as blocks, belts and bolsters are also good to invest in as they help you with the technique and to get into the positions in the best possible way. You will find everything you need in the Yogobe Store.
  • Create a balance between activity and rest
    Creating a balance between physical activity and recovery is an important factor in our well-being. If you practice a physically demanding yoga style or perhaps combine your yoga with exercise, it is good if you take days to do calmer forms of yoga such as yin yoga or restorative yoga, meditation or yoga nidra so that your body can rest and recover.
  • Keep a diary of your practice
    Reflect on what felt good about today's practice, and what felt less good. Write down new positions and phrases you have learned.
  • Try to yoga in peace and quiet
    Peace and quiet is preferable when practicing yoga. Especially for those who are new to yoga as it is easier to be distracted by sounds and impressions. If it is quiet around you, you can more easily focus on your breath. But – life is not peace and quiet exactly when you want it to – so be kind to yourself and do your yoga when and where you have the opportunity.
  • Patience is the key to success
    There will be days when it feels like there is not enough time, or when you can't or don't want to step up on the yoga mat. Customize your practice, do the least possible or skip a day if that's what you need. Be patient with the process and most importantly - be patient with yourself. Do not judge yourself if you miss out one day. Instead, try to accept the situation and focus on getting up on your yoga mat the next day.

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