Yoga Philosophy 


Yoga has the potential to have a transformational effect on your life. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get lost in a yoga practice, and just about any pattern in your life can sneak into the practice. The control freak is likely to become a “yoga control freak”, and if you are a bit too attached to be a success, then it is straight forward to try and become a “yoga success”. This is not to point fingers, because we all have negative patterns that we get lost in. The big question is: Are you tired enough of these patterns to do something about them?

If you are serious about letting yoga have a profound, positive effect in your life, you need to look honestly at your life and your patterns, and you need to challenge yourself to actually try something new. This requires both courage and dedication, but it will most probably be worth the effort.

All levels are welcome to this course.

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Yoga Philosophy 
  • Pris: 1 990 SEK
  • 11 lectures + 4 classes
  • Self inquiries for further exploration
  • Guidance by Simon Krohn
  • Dive deeper into yoga philosophy
  • Access for 12 months

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