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Movement Practice – introduction
5 min
Matthew Griffiths introduces you to his workout sessions. Great to watch before you get started.
Intensity booster
10 min
A short session where you stand, jump and roll to work all dimensions of movement for a global strength.
Flow enhancer
10 min
Challenge your movement patterns with focus on co-cordination – find the optimal way to move.
Fusion surge
10 min
Boost and develop your upper body strength and mobility, short and effective.
Stability conquest
10 min
A workout for the whole body, with extra focus on the upper body and movement skills.
Movement selector
10 min
A circular training with exercises for your cardio strength an exploration of your movements.
Coaches delight
10 min
Cardio & strength – Roll, crawl, walk and jump, challenge your notion of what your body can do.
Energy seeker
10 min
Global movement – Boost your balance, body control, stability and awareness by moving in different planes.
Rhythm express
10 min
Challenging the spine with twisting motions, creating stability and movement for rotational strength.
Dynamic intergrator
10 min
Full body strength – develop your body awareness to get the most out of your training.
Optimal pacer
10 min
Follow the evolution of movement, from crawling to walking, finding optimal movement for whole body strength.
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