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Workshop120 MINA workshop on the future of yoga

Yoga is dead - What's Next?

måndag 09 januari 2023

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18:00 - 20:00 GMT+0

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Workshop120 MINSpråk på sessionen
A workshop on the future of yogaNybörjare

Yoga is dead - What's next?

More people are practicing yoga than ever have before, and scholars are working to a greater degree on publishing unread texts and new translations. Extracts of the yogic practice and philosophies are being incorporated in exercise, business, medicine, research, and many other fields. But is yoga on its way to dissolving into whatever we want it to be? Is it losing its essence, or evolving?

The media represents yogis as everything from whimsical loonies to crazed mystics, worldly-estranged exhibitionists and body narcissists. Has the public image of the yogi reached an irreconcilable low point? All the images of the irritating ultra-spiritual, the scandalous gurus, the vacuous Insta poses, every farcical portrayal… How would you rebuild your own practice from its foundations up with integrity?

Ulrica and Mike take a grand look at the modern yoga of today. Where are its roots, what drives today’s movements, and where does it look like we’re going? They present various video replays of moments from the last century to capture the current public image of modern yoga; from Ricky Gervais walking out of a class, Elvis singing about yogic pretzels, celibacy in Sex and the City, Swedish gymnastics on Nazi propaganda films,
Indiana Jones encountering a Tantric cult, glass-eaters and swindlers and the neon glow of 80s spandex. All these impressions have shaped yoga into its modern form. Taking everything into the equation, we believe yoga is due a new movement.

Welcome to an inspiring workshop on how we could more consciously be a part of what the future will bring. Starting with this question:
Imagine if yoga were gone forever. If we were to start afresh with a new, mindful movement practice, what would we select to bring with us from the past? Ulrica and Mike present a variety of considerations for building your future practices - encouraging you to find the personal strength to carve out your own paths and philosophies.

Join us to shape what happens after the death of modern yoga, into what it will be.


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