Yin yoga training 50hr - Online + Studio

Datum: 10 - 14 mars 2021

Plats: YogaShakti, Högbergsgatan 30 A, Stockholm + Online

Instruktör: Ulrica Norberg, Lotta Norberg & Hillevi Borga

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Yin yoga training 50HR - Online + Studio

Are you interested in Neurofascial and Neuromuscular science? In the connection between spirituality and science? Of how to work with tension? Of connective tissue? Intruiged by energy work? The embodiment and healing yoga? How to use yoga to increase life quality and the building of muscular strenght? Is meditation appealing to you but are too restless?
Then this training is something to consider for you. This training is focusing on the art of Yin Yoga; the practice of how to de- tensisfy in order to re-sensify. Why? So we can live stronger, more alive, better restored, not so edgy, more wholesome, clear, solid and powerful in body, mind and spirit.

This training is designed by Ulrica Norberg, a Master yogi from Sweden who has decades of experience from various yoga styles (yin yoga since 2000), meditation and personal growth from various fields and traditions.  She highly respect and honor her teachers and the founders of the modern yin development, yet adds her experience in working more individually to adapt the yoga practice to be more about the individual than the group. Feeding mor what one needs instead of the “wants”. Ulrica is always up to date in the modern research and fuses that with her deep studies of yoga and philosophy.

Being a human going through life and all that that entails, we store tension. Tension is always in our bodies, manifesting in our physical body as muscular tension, in our inner beings as emotional tension and in our minds as mental tension. Tension not adressed and worked with, ages us faster, reduces circulation and creates al kinds of imbalances. This due to the fact that we are designed to in large, move half of the time and be still half of the time. When this dance is obstructed, we create misalignments in the life flow inside and outside of ourselves. Yoga means “to yoke” and is the art of bringing polarities to unite. Extension in unison with contraction, inhale with exhale, up and down, in and out, stillness with power and so forth. Thats how we can create strength. In the springiness. when this connect. If it connects – it works.  Through the art and practice of YinYoga, these tensions can be progressively reduced. YinYoga focuses on the fascia, the type of tissue that keeps us together. Proven to strongly enhance the body’s circulation, Yin Yoga is a vital tool for stress reduction and energy balancing. Additional benefits include: improved respiration, clear mental focus, tension release, stress relief, and cleansing of both body and mind.

The Individual Approach to Yin Yoga
This training explore asana from the yinside, by way of the subtle connection between body and mind from a more individualized perspective. Practicing Yin yoga with a more individual approach on yin yoga, means we search for tension and when found, we apply the appropriate tools for that individual to release the tension in the fascia, so mobility, circulation and muscular connection activates again. Yin yoga stems back more to its authentic roots from “Raj asanas” /meditative asana explored in the Hathayoga Pradipika and also merging back from the initial science from yoga on how to target tension via working from the fascia to the muscle, from the subtle to the physical. This way, it is yin working towards yang.

In this approach to yin yoga the yin practice is led to be a great complementary practice to any “yang” oriented practice, as preparation for meditation, tension reducing, mind strengthening, relaxation, preparation for pranayama and more vigorous practices and as a great way of balancing the inner and outer aspects of living. In the first module we explore yin from a more ground level, and look at how to begin a home practice. In module two, we set sails towards how energy is being transmitted, altered and balanced through the Yin in corporation with the Chakra theory, Ayurveda and the TCM /meridian system. In module 3, we delve deeper into the more individual therapeutic approaches, techniques and appliance models. This approach is founded by Ulrica, after many years of research, practicing various other approaches in yin yoga as well as deepening her understanding of anatomy, meditation, physiology, psychology, indian philosophy and more.

Practical info:

  • Date: 10 - 14 Mars, 2021
  • Location: YogaShakti, Högbergsgatan 30A, Stockholm + Online
  • Price: 9500 SEK
  • Previous knowledge: 200hr Yoga Teacher training.

Module 1 – 10-14 Mars, 2021  Stockholm 
Module 2 – 17-19 September, 2021  Stockholm

(We had three modules earlier. Now module 1 and 2 is modul 1 which is 50 hrs. Then module 2 is the former module 3 of 35 hrs) 

This training is offered in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, USA and Australia and is made out of three modules of a total of 85 hrs:

MODULE 1 – Foundation and deepen (50 hrs) 
MODULE 2 – Integration and Individuality- Adaptation of Intention and Yin Therapy (35 hrs)

For YA teachers – 50 hrs grants a certification, 85 hrs (addition of module 3) grants a specialty training certificate.


FOUNDATION Module 1 – 25 hrs
First days of the training you learn the foundations of Yin Yoga, including: The Art of the Yin practice, Energetic Alignment, Individuality, Subtle and Physical Anatomy, Pranayama and Kriyas. Focus is on how to start a personal Yinyoga practice. No homework. No certification. 
Then we continue to deepen your knowledge of Yin Yoga in theses areas:  Teaching Yin, Theme-based teaching, Adaptations, Yin meditation, Nadis/Meridian theory, Ayurveda and Yin, philosophy, Tantra, chakra philosophy and anatomy, hands-on assisting. 
Homework. (If you are a YA registered teacher you receive a 50 hr Continuing Education certificate after completion)

INDIVIDUALITY & INTEGRATION Module 2 – 35 hrs (85 hr level)
This is a training where we dwell deeper into the layers of our bodies, understanding more about Tensegrity; the integration of tension in our tissues, and on how we create a yoga practice that targets tension. This through more skillful sequencing for different needs (individual and groups), how to combine yin yoga with Pranayama, Flow based yoga, Sports, Restorative yoga and Meditation. We will look at the postures in greater depth, analyzing them in greater detail. This module involves deeper studies, assisting and more therapeutic assessments. Homework. (If you are a YA registered teacher you receive a 85 hr Specialty Teacher certification after completion)

FACULTY – you will meet us in this training:

Part from Ulrica, you will also meet the Yin Yoga teachers Hillevi Borga, Lotta Norberg and  Malin Svanholm on some modules on some locations in Scandinavia.

Hillevi Borga (E-RYT 500 and Physiotherapist) is a passionated advocate for integrity, growth and inner peace and is a true specialist in her field as a physiotherapist. She helps her patients to find their core, their breaths and on the yogamats, themselves. She works with Ulrica on various training as a teacher trainer.

Malin Svanholm (RYT 500 teacher) comes in to yoga from a passion to teach, having pedagogics as her specialty field as well as movement as a dancer and dance pedagog. In her yoga she brings in the element of grace, gentleness missed with power and the interest of how to make people grow around her and in her teaching.

Lotta Norberg (E-RYT 500 and primary nurse) is Ulricas older sister. Lotta is deeply knowledgable in humanism, organic thinking, caretaking, therapeutics and her heart beats for the individual needs in any practitioner. She is a nurse, yoga teacher in hathayoga, meditation, pranayama, yin and restorative and teacher trainer as well as an Ayurvedic massage therapist.

This trainings falls under YACEP; a qualified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, so this training will grant those with a yoga teacher certificate the hours towards your continuing education. Certificate of completion for this program will be issued to those who have successfully completed the written assignment and attended all hours of the course, as applicable.

This training is made up of a total of 85 hours, divided into three modules. On the first module, we focus on what Yinyoga is and how to individualize a self practice. Module 2 focuses on teaching yin, Ayurveda, chakras/meridians, assisting and module 3 on integration, deepening analysis of poses/techniques/teaching as well as sequencing.

A typical day on this training

  • 9-11 Practice
  • 11-12.30 Philosophy/Theory,
  • Lunch
  • 13.30-15 Theory
  • 15-16.30 Practice

Cost of training
For the Stockholm Trainings, you can register here and pay for your spot. For the Offsite trainings, go to the website of the hosting studio for more information.The price may differ from country to country. For prices and registration in the different countries, please send an e-mail to the registration for more information. But the prices are around the Sweden prices.

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