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Rebel Health Practitioner 50Hours

Datum: 30 april - 3 maj 2020

Plats: Yogadevi, Garvargatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden

Instruktör: Leila & Gabriel Andersson

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Welcome to this 4 day integrated holistic health training. Live in Stockholm April 30th to May 3rd .

This training is intended to deepen the understanding and the practice of what it means to live a body-mind-heart based lifestyle. It’s designed with the purpose of supporting our innate capacities for health and harmony. Our goal is to give participants the knowledge and tools they need to lead a holistic approach to heal and living. It’s a whole-person approach, meaning we create nutritional, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental balance. In this therapeutic training, we blend ancient holistic traditions with modern science for you to start practicing right away. Are you a compassionate and curious self-healer dreaming of diving deep into transformation and growth? This is our gift to you! We believe the world needs you to guide the way. Once you have completed this training you will have the information and the confidence to not only start your own holistic healing journey but also influence your family, friends, clients, and community (tribe) to shift to a more proactive and intuitive lifestyle.

Our levels of practice and study

  • Physical- body towards homeostasis and relaxation
  • Mental -  mind towards awareness and balance
  • Emotional- feelings and energies towards harmony and flow
  • Spiritual - soul towards deeper connection and truth

We teach the cultivation of health optimization and wellness based on the core belief that all people are inherently whole. We teach you to heal yourself through peeling off layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, emotional trauma, disconnect from soul and different physical blockages. Sustainable healthy habits, vibrancy and the prevention of imbalances are our main focus. Our intention is always to support the process of uncovering the underlying root cause of dis-ease and discomfort.

We have a unique combination of skills and experience and this training will include all of our areas of expertise. Our curriculum consists of modern scientific perspectives as well as ancient healing and wisdom traditions. Including but not limited to: Mindfulness and buddhist psychology, psychosynthesis therapy and transpersonal psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, shamanic healing and processes, yoga and yoga philosophy, cognitive therapy based on the life-trap model, isometric strength training, functional medicine and nutrition, supplementation therapy, fasting protocols, integrative health and cold water therapy.

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Useful info

Dates: 30 april - 3 maj
Location: Yogadevi, Garvargatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden
Time: 7.30-18.30
Cost: 645 Euro one time payment or 245 Euro 3 month payment plan Previous knowledge: None. This is beginners level.
What to bring: Notebook, pen, a change of clothes, clothes for yoga, yogamat.

Included in the course:

  • Lectures
  • Yogaclasses
  • Meditation practice
  • Ceremonies and workshops
  • Printed Manual and workbook
  • Online material, videos, pdf:s and audio.
  • Online test for completion.
  • Diploma/certification for 50 hours of training
  • Snacks, coffee and tea.

Who is this training for?

We created this for anyone who wants to take ownership of their own health and life and who wants to inspire others to do the same. This is for all health enthusiast, earth-keepers and self-healers who wants to broaden their perspectives to include all aspects of our human experience. It’s for yoga teachers who want to expand their business to be more overall functional. Coaches and therapist who wants a more in-depth knowledge of the mind-body connection. This training will be taught in English (if all participants understand Swedish it will be in Swedish). All manuals, books, and the material will be in English. Come prepared to participate fully in lectures, ceremonies, sharings, movement classes and guided meditations as well as all other activities. We aim to create a retreat setting so hours will be longer then normal working hours . You will get time to rest, long lunch break and opportunities for pause.

About the instructors

Leila is a certified mindfulness instructor, yoga teacher, motivational coach, holistic healer and writer. For a long time her official story was 9 to 5 and corporate. Now she intuitively coaches clients in emotional and spiritual healing, stress management and creativity. Her mission is to reconnect the collective body-mind-heart disconnect. She arranges workshops, classes and trainings in Stockholm and online. Gabriel is a Certified diet & nutrition therapist, health coach and urban medicine man. He’s on a mission to spread alternative health concepts and perspectives in order to help optimize your peoples physical, mental and emotional health. His guiding principle is, through knowledge and the right life choices you can gift yourself true health and prosperity. Together they’ve created the online holistic health platform, Holistic Rebels.

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