Berlin Yoga Conference

Datum: 24 - 26 maj 2019

Plats: Berlin, Germany

Instruktör: Anastasia Shevchenko, Jennie Liljefors, Johanna Andersson m.fl.

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Creating an authentic yoga experience

This November sees the birth of a new European yoga conference in Berlin.

Berlin Yoga Conference is a completely new initiative created by the Berlin-based yoga teacher Anastasia Shevchenko, and will take place on May 24-26, 2019 in Malzfabrik, Berlin.

The conference strives to create “an authentic yoga experience”, following a number of core values, with the goals to educate the public, to create intercultural bridges and new business opportunities, to encourage the expansion of the global yoga community, all in the context of social responsibility and ethical business principles.

A unique experience

Having visited and participated in various yoga conferences, festivals, workshops, teacher trainings, and community meetings, Anastasia observed, learned, and used her insights to come up with this new and exciting project. Trying to make use of the best practices, avoiding common pitfalls, and adding-in her own blend of creative thinking and strong intentions, Anastasia promises that the Berlin Yoga Conference will be a very different and unique experience.

“For me it was important to outline a set of values, visions, and goals from the very beginning, using them as my guidelines for all the decision-making in the project”, - states Anastasia. For instance, the idea of providing authentic yoga experience has its roots in the following visions: quality over quantity, fair representations of local versus international, honoring traditional while appreciating the modern, going beyond just the physical aspect of yoga, and creating a meaningful interaction between people and yoga brands.

Useful info

The presenters

Following the desire to represent a balance between powerful dynamic yoga systems and quieter, more introspective methods, the program features well-known German yoga teachers such as Patrick Broome (Jivamukti, “Yoga for All”); Jang-Ho Kim (Vinyasa with Qi-Gong, Zen philosophy and poetry slam), Christine May (Prana Flow), Tanja Seehofer (yin yoga, yoga therapy), Andrea Lutz (Ashtanga).The International team is made of Sat Bir Khalsa (Kundalini yoga, an expert in yoga and scientific research); Ambra Vallo (Dharma Yoga), Simon Park (Liquid Flow), Johanna Andersson (Global Yoga) and Jennie Liljefors (an expert in the field of Yoga for Healing), and many others.

Anastasia: “My choices of presenters and programming have also been determined by the initial set of principles and I hope to provide something of true value to my diverse audiences”. Berlin Yoga Conference will feature more than 50 yoga classes & workshops; a dozen of lectures on the topics pertaining to the marriage between yoga, science, and spirituality; meditation sessions; a program full of arts & culture events such as live music, performances, visual arts exhibition, a book fair; as well as opening and closing ceremonies.

Photos: Nicolas Kamp © 2016, Alessandro Sigismondi © 2017, Anastasia Shevchenko © 2014

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