Nano Retreat - the One-day Yoga Retreat

Datum: 19 augusti 2018

Plats: Stockholm

Instruktör: Stina Lönnkvist

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What is a Nano Retreat?

Nano Retreat is the urban citizens’ new get-away to check out from deadlines, stress and parties, and to check in with yourself.

Yoga retreats are fantastic, but sometimes we simply don't have the possibility to go away for a whole weekend, week or more. That's why we created Nano Retreat!
In one day, we create the feeling of having been away on a yoga retreat, without leaving Stockholm.

Nano Retreat is a smartphone free zone (scary, yes, but SO rewarding) where we do lots of yoga, eat good food, meditate and workshop around inner well-being.
Our goal is for you to leave a Nano Retreat feeling relaxed, inspired & energized - like you've been for a whole yoga retreat although it’s only been one day. (Works like magic.)

/Founders Stina Lönnkvist & Amy Rudbäck (on maternal leave this retreat)

About the Teacher

Stina Lönnkvist, or Stinza, is your guide during the Nano Retreat. She is a modern yogi who loves vegan food, meditation and writing, and who works on living her life to the fullest.

Stina is working as a yoga teacher (certified from the renowned Kripalu Center in Massachusetss, US), writer and entrepreneur while completing a master’s degree in business at Stockholm School of Economics.

Stina starts every morning by dancing to Celine Dion's I'm Alive and meditate. Read more about Stina in her blog

Useful Info

  • Date: August 19, 2018
  • Time: 9:00-17:00
  • Location: Hotel J, Nacka Strand, Stockholm
  • Price: 1295 SEK
    • Early bird: 1195 SEK, if you book before 31/7.
  • Included: 2 yoga classes, meditation, workshops, lunch, coffee/tea and snacks
  • Bring: Clothes to practice yoga in, a warm sweather and swimwear (optional)
  • Teacher: Stina Lönnkvist

"It was everything I had been longing for without even knowing it myself. I am really grateful and hope that you too get to experience a Nano Retreat."
- Edita Renlund, Foodjunkie Blog

Fotograf: Minna Yr Johannsdottir

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