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A warm welcome to our new team members from Australia!

29 september 2018 | Av Yogobe

We are happy and proud to present not only one but three new members to our Global Team here at Yogobe - all the way from Down Under! A big welcome to yoga teachers Lara Zilibowitz and Brooke Elliston and to Gwyn Williams - founder of Zenthai Shiatsu. Many of you out there have been requesting more videos in English. We are therefore extra happy to present and introduce you to these wonderful guides and teachers. We hope that you will find their classes rewarding, enriching and that you'll enjoy spending time with them on your mat. Read more about them in this blog post, watch the introduction videos and find their videos in our library!

Lara Zilibowitz

Lara is an internationally touring yoga teacher and artist, and co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats, hosting transformative immersions around the world spreading her passion for movement and creative expression through the body.

She has become renowned for her fluid and dynamic teaching style, delivered with heartfelt poetic prose, inviting students to savour the texture of every sensation as a portal into revelation and dynamic moving meditation.

A class with Lara is raw, playful and powerful as we journey from the outside in. Inspired deeply by the teachings inherent in nature, each practice is a call for conscious connection with ourselves and the world around us.

She is trained and specialized  in Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation and AcroYoga.

Laras classes here on Yogobe are at an intermediate level.

Brooke Elliston

Brooke is an internationally travelling yoga teacher and co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats, hosting transformative yoga and meditation retreats around the world. Forever a student, she revels in the opportunity to connect with new communities and share the rich alchemy of the practice that has opened infinite doorways of growth in her own life.

Brooke’s teachings are deeply rooted in the ancient teachings of Yoga and Tantra and the potent transmissions of the esoteric mystics - using poetry, music and sensual movement to offer a glimpse and gateway into expanded states and experiences otherwise indescribable. Her classes are intentionally slow, honouring the need for time, space and deep listening to savour the full spectrum of pleasure to pain, as a gateway to understanding the most intimate wisdom of what it means to be alive.

Brooke is trained and specialized in Yoga (vinyasa), Tantra and Meditation.

Her classes here on Yogobe are at a more advanced level.

Gwyn Williams

Gwyn lives predominantly in Australia, spending approximately 3 months of the year leading/teaching retreats in South East Asia, Europe and U.S. Otherwise he is running more long term courses at his healing centres on the Sunshine Coast, Australia or in a rural village in Bali. The Zenthai centre in Bali is “ giving back Program “ where all the courses create an annual salary and livelihood for five local families .

More recently the Zenthai bodywork has evolved into a sister art form known as Zenthai flow. Zenthai flow is a rhythmic, fluid yoga asana and chi gung practice involving the 5 elements and has a solo and partner work components . However it is noted that whenever one is in " a state of trust, curiously exploring and fully engaging in the moment " we are in the practice of Zenthai .

Gwyn is a Movement based therapy teacher and Founder of Zenthai shiatsu. Zenthai Shiatsu is the integration of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Osteopathic Technique to bring freedom back to the energetic and structural body.

Here at Yogobe you can find classes with Gwyn that fall under the category of movement based therapy, Partner Yoga and also some more motivational talk. The classes are appropriate for any level. 

In our video library you can find a number of classes with all three of these amazing aussies. Enjoy! Namaste.

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