New to yoga? 8 helpful tips for beginner yogis

28 september 2020 | Av Yogobe

Like everything new and unfamiliar and that we never tried before, it can feel difficult and maybe even a bit daunting to start practicing yoga. For you who are a beginner yogi and for you who find it hard to get started, here is a list of a few tips that can help you on your way. Remember, yoga is for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding a practice that suits you!

Yoga for beginners – tips to get you started

  • Focus on finding conscious breathing
    Breathing is important in order to find focus and letting go of all the tension in the body. When you are new to yoga it might be difficult to find the breath. Give it some time, it will come. Slowly but gradually you will notice that your breathing becomes longer, deeper and more conscious. The breathing is your proof that you’re not going too deep in the physical poses. If the breathing staggers and it becomes difficult to take long breaths, you have gone too deep and should back off.
  • Listen to your body
    Our current shape differs from day to day. Some days your body doesn’t even want, or need, the practice you have chosen. Adjust instead of forcing yourself into poses and flows which then might harm your body. The practice should be based on your ability so always listen to your body and it's needs.

  • Patience and regularity is the key to result 
    To see the result of our practice we need to have patience. Some of us will notice the benefits of yoga in body and mind immediately, while for others it might take longer. Try to establish a regular practice for at least 30-45 days before you make any conclusions whether it works for you or not. Keep in mind that yoga is not about performance and that your practice should bring you joy and pleasure! Be patient with yourself and keep showing up on your yoga mat.
  • What matters is that you do it, not for how long
    You don’t have to do yoga for 1-2 hours to get the benefits of the practice. 15 minutes a day will do it! You will benefit more from doing several short sessions every week than practicing intense and long sessions now and then.
  • Learn the fundamental techniques
    By learning the fundamental yoga pose techniques, you will get more from, and feel more safe in your yoga practice.  Even if it feels tempting to practice the advanced poses immediately, focus on learning the technique in the “simple” and fundamental poses. Later you'll notice that it's to your advantage when it’s time to try other poses. Find a studio or a teacher that can teach you the fundamentals. Want to learn yoga online? Check out our video library!
  • Balance your asanas, physical yoga poses, with relaxation and meditation
    Don’t forget balance! It’s the most important aspect of them all, the balance between activity and rest. A physically demanding yoga practice should always be accompanied with relaxation exercises and meditation.
  • Invest in a good yoga mat
    A good yoga mat will help you in your practice. It gives you the necessary grip and will make you feel safer. Even other aids known as props, such as blocks, straps and bolster, can be a good investment as they help you with the technique and to align in the poses.
  • Keep a journal of your practice 
    Reflect upon your practice. What felt good with today's practice, and what felt less good? Register the new poses and phrases you’ve learnt. It will help you to remember the new knowledge and give you the possibility to track your development, both physically and mentally.

Good luck!

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