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Together with Yogobe, you can provide guests with a very extensive video library for in-room on-demand tutorials within yoga, meditation and exercise, smart micro-breaks of 3 -15 minutes during the hotel conference or the possibility of virtual yoga and fitness classes in the exercise hall or yoga room, which otherwise stays empty most of the day.
It is the perfect solution for hotels and spas with the joint aspiration of meeting the need of a specific customer or guest. Allow 55 leading yoga, wellness and health professionals help your guests maintain a good routine and make it easy for them to prioritize their well-being during their hotel stay. This collaboration helps the individual but also our joint collective in an ever more hectic world.

Why Yogobe?

  • The opportunity to offer your guests yoga and wellness exercises 24/7, 365 days of the year, with many of the leading yoga teachers and wellness profiles in Scandinavia and internationally acclaimed guest teachers.
  • The video content on Yogobe is available in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. With and through its team of market-leading profiles, Yogobe has a large market position. Both physically and digitally.
  • The extensive and ever growing library of video tutorials and inspiration within yoga, exercise and health. Today we offer over 1100 videos between 5-90 minutes.
  • Yogobe offers the fastest growing forum and community within yoga and health in the Nordic region, providing all members with inspiration and support. In short, Yogobe creates conditions for sustaining your health and wellness routines. Anytime - Anywhere.

In Cooperation with Yogobe the Hotel Will Get:

  • A service that increases the value for the guest by offering exercise with leading profiles 24/7.
  • A service that can create new revenue streams by charging corporate guests extra fees for micro-breaks at conferences.
  • Virtual classes will not only increase your wellness offering but potentially also save you money in terms hiring personnel.
  • We can help you tailor content and playlists to match different individuals or groups.

How Do We Get Started with Yogobe for Our Hotel?

All hotels and spa facilities have different conditions and needs. Together we will tailor a digital offering which suits your unit/hotel, brand and intention, strategy or directive within health and wellness. Do you want to get started with one of our different subscription packages starting at 199 EUR/month, regardless of how many spa visitors, conference rooms, hotel rooms you have?
We also welcome discussions regarding other win-win aspects where Yogobe has a weekly reach of hundreds of thousands of people in your target group. Please connect with our Operations & Marketing Manager, Camilla Bengtsson: camilla@yogogbe.com

"An investment in social responsibility and sustainable health for guests and employees.”

Behåll din yoga- och träningsrutin på resan
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Utbrändhet kan ge verkliga hjärnskador
Skuldror va%cc%88rk frigo%cc%88r fysioterapi hillevi borga yogobe
Variation för att minska värk i skuldror & nacke
Paus vardag jobb stretch andas yogobe
Ta en paus - förebygg skador och få energi