June on Yogobe – a smooth transition into vacay mode

04 June 2021 | By Yogobe

Welcome June! Perhaps the most beautiful time of the year - but also a time that can be busy with  before the upcoming summer vacation. This month we are exploring how we can balance activity with moments of mindfulness and recovery so that we can face the summer with energy.

Gather strength for the summer - take time for recovery

Summer is here and it's soon time for vacation. We know that this time before the summer holidays can be intense. Therefore, during June we want to emphasize the importance of taking time for recovery and to check in, so we can soften a bit and transition slowly from work to holiday. To not go from 0 to 100 but to let this period be like a soft deceleration. We may not be able to influence our work situation or other commitments that has to be done before the summer, but what we can do is to give ourselves time to stop, breathe and listen in. 

We also want to give a friendly reminder to plan your summer, and try to create a nice balance between activity and recovery. It's easy to try to catch up with as much as possible during the holidays, perhaps especially now when we have been locked up for so long during the pandemic, but do not forget to take time for rest and lazy days ♡

What's coming on Yogobe in June?

The big news of the month is that we are starting to broadcast LIVE-streamed classes together with Team Yogobe! Sign up for the free week 7-13 June and read more here!

In the blog, you will be able to take part in inspiring reading about training, recovery and much more from Majja Lund, Hillevi Borga and Julia Glutz, among others! In the video library, there will soon be new training classes with Team Yobobe's latest profile - Jenny Ström! In addition, we release the new program Viva Vagina together with Emma Öberg.

We release new videos on a regular basis - in this playlist you will find a selection of our latest launches.

7 tips for more mindfulness in your everyday life

  • Meditate in the shower. Focus on the scent of the soap and how the water feels against your skin.
  • Do small services for your after-work self. Empty the dishwasher, take out the trash or turn on a diffuser in the morning before you go to work.
  • Set checkpoints throughout the day to check in on how you feel. Name the feeling and acknowledge it: is it anxiety? Is it stress? Is it joy? No need to implement solutions; just recognize your feelings.
  • Stop and smell the flowers. Touch a leaf or tree trunk. Experience the joy of running your hands or bare feet through grass and soil. Pamper your senses with the abundance of nature.
  • Be direct about your needs. Tell your partner, friends or colleagues what you need. And ask others to be just as direct with you.
  • Turn yourself upside down. Let the head come lower than the heart in a handstand, headstand or standing forward fold. Let it be a playful act and a reminder that you do not have to be so serious all the time.
  • While brushing your teeth for the night - identify a success that you have achieved during the day.

Editor's picks: playlists of the month

This month we have selected playlists with a nice balance between recovery and activity. A lovely mix of meditation, yin and restorative yoga and exercise:

  • Good morning!: Get going in the morning and wake up your body to lay the groundwork for a great day. Combine several of the sequences or select just one – the one you need today.
  • Meditation for inner stillness:  In this playlist we have collected a mix of meditation practices for different occasion and needs.
  • Relax & Restore: This playlist is created to help you activate your parasympathetic nervous system with calming yin, yoga nidra and meditation
  • Strength & breathwork: Combine classes that focuses on strengthening your muscles and breathing exercises.

This summer's selected online courses - 50% discount

During the summer, you can buy three of our most popular online courses for half the price! Choose between:

  • Föda utan rädsla online: This modern birth preparation prophylaxis course gives you, your partner and the baby in the womb the best conditions for childbirth.
  • Lär dig meditera: A 12-week meditation course for you who want to learn how to meditate or for you who are ready to take the step to get a regular meditation practice in everyday life, guided by Ulrica Norberg.
  • Yoga Philosophy: This is the course for you who want to learn more about yoga philosophy, and learn how to implement the Indian wisdom in a way that is directly linked to your life. The course content is in English and the course is guided by Simon Krohn.

The offer is valid until 31/8 2021.

Read more about mindfulness, restorative and yin yoga

Video recommendations – recovery

30 min

Meditate with

Sweet, gentle and relaxing guided Yoga Nidra meditation for calm and inner peace in body, mind and spirit.

5 min

Meditate with

Let go of tension and create space for calm in this meditation with Amir Jaan.

20 min

Meditate with

A short introduction to this meditation, a Buddhist mindfulness technique.

15 min

Meditate with

Yoga nidra: A guided audio session of deep relaxation to help calm you down.

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