Find the Right Technique

It is essential to use the correct technique when practicing yoga and working out so you prevent injuries, optimize the effect of the workout and strengthen the body. Bearing this in mind, Yogobe is continuously working on developing video guidance in how we best perform specific exercises and asanas, physical yoga poses, in a safe way. Below we have collected techniques to guide you on your way.

Why is technique training important?

When we find ourselves and connect with our body, we increase our body awareness. Not only does it help us to get stronger, but gives us the opportunity to connect our body with our mind. The connection gives us the ability to read the body’s signals of what we truly need in terms of rest, recovery, energy and strength.

It is our warm recommendation that you get familiar with and get inspired by the different technique videos as a complement to your workout routine. In this way you are able to get the most out of practicing yoga and working out.

Technique for your body

It is easy to let our eagerness to improve our performance take over and try out poses without really understanding what is required of the body to safely achieve results. If we ignore executing the poses without focusing on the technique and without being aware of where we should feel it, it can easily lead to pressure and strain on the muscles.

Get inspired by our library that includes all technique videos for asanas (physical yoga poses)!

Strength from the inside out

We need to start from the basis and break the exercise down, and focus on the technique in the exercise or pose. This might frustrate us since we are so used to see fast ”results”. However, by taking a step back, to feel and start with exercises that might seem boring or unnecessary, we are strengthening the body from the basis, from the inside out, instead of focusing on what we see or feel at the very moment.

Meditation and breathing techniques

In mediation and breathing it is also essential to practice the technique to optimize the experience. There are numerous meditation techniques, so feel your way and find what best suits you. 

Technique for you as a yoga instructor

As a yoga instructor you have a great and beautiful responsibility to develop and learn more about techniques in order to teach your students the correct technique. Our Guide for Yoga Instructors is continuously updated with videos as a help along the way, especially developed for you as a teacher.

To keep in mind

  • Different traditions and schools have different approaches. If an instructor/trainer says one thing and the other another, it doesn't necessarily mean that one instructor is wrong. It is however important to pay attention to your body’s signals and to what feels right or not.
  • Start with the basic exercises or simple poses to slowly build strength and find the right technique.
  • If we lack the strength to perform a pose in a safe way, we risk straining other parts of our body.
  • Take the help of technique videos and instructors if you don't understand a pose or if you in any way feel discomfort.

Benefits of practicing your technique

  • Improves awareness of the body
  • Stronger body
  • Prevents injuries
  • Increases focus and presence
  • Greater endurance
  • Improved posture
  • Teaches us to listen to our body’s signals
  • Builds the body from inside out
  • Gives us a better understanding of how to use our body

Technique videos & classes online – 14 days for free

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