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01 March 2021 | By Yogobe

March is here! The light has begun to return to our latitudes and spring is on it's way. The snow and ice begin to slowly melt and return to a liquid state. Just like the transformation that is now taking place in nature, we have the opportunity to let stagnant energy flow which make us feel vital again. In March, we want to inspire you to find your flow - in your yoga, training and everyday life.

Flow – when you feel that magic

Have you ever been so engrossed in something that you forgot about time? Then you have experienced the state of flow - the feeling that everything just flows. It can be in your practice on the yoga mat, when you perform a task, paint a picture or play with your children. The state of flow occurs when there is a balance between how challenging a task is and the capacity to perform the task. We have the opportunity to steer ourselves towards the state of flow by learning what arouses our flow and actively making choices to achieve it. The great thing about flow is that it washes over us and allows us to get more flow in everything we do in our everyday lives.

You know you're in flow when you:
– are completely focused on what you do
– forget yourself, others and the world around you
– lose the perception of time
– feel happy and in control
– get creative and productive

This month we have collected videos and playlists to inspire you to explore how you can create flow both on and off the yoga mat. In the blog, you will be able to read about flow from different perspectives and take part in inspiring reading from, among others, Moa Westman and Cecilia Gustafsson in Team Yogobe. You can also look forward to new exciting classes with Milla Floryd, four new vinyasa classes with Moa Westman and at the end of March, Laruga Glaser's new asthanga classes for both beginners and experienced yogis will be launched.

6 tips to invite more flow in life

  • Follow your heart – it's easier to reach the flow state when we do things we like and enjoy, so choose what you spend your time on carefully. A job that you enjoy, training that peppers you and fill your everyday life with activities that make your heart beat.
  • Challenge yourself – tasks without resistance do not give rise to flow, nor do tasks that are too difficult. Challenge yourself, but set the bar at a reasonable level.
  • Find focus - being able to focus on one thing at a time is the key to the state of flow. By strengthening your concentration, you will therefore be able to reach flow more easily. Mindfulness and meditation are two techniques that help you strengthen your focus.
  • Timing - by being observant of the times when you experience flow, you can also plan your days to create more opportunities for flow. Choose to do more difficult tasks a certain time of the working day, yoga the times when it feels the best, etc.
  • Optimize your internal and external environment - move your body, eat healthy and make sure to prioritize sleep and recovery. Adapt your external environment by having order around you and avoid distractions that can steal your attention.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy - in order to dive into the flow, it is important to find joy in the task itself instead of performing it with a focus on what the result will mean for you. Allow yourself to fully immerse in what you are doing and to enjoy every moment.

Editor's picks: playlists of the month

Do you want to explore flow through yoga? This month's playlist invites you to do just that - in both physical and calmer yoga styles – so that you can find your flow:

- Morning Flow

- Give flow a go - try 5 different styles

- Mindfulness (inner flow)

You'll find more Flow playlists here!

Swedish online courses - 50% discount

Every month we offer some of our fantastic online courses at half price! Catch the offer here. In March, you can choose between:

- Föda utan rädsla: This modern birth preparation prophylaxis course gives you, your partner and the baby in the womb the best conditions for childbirth.

- Lär dig meditera: A 12-week journey for you who are new to meditation, or you who want to deepen your meditation training, guided by Ulrica Norberg.

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Video recommendations – explore flow online

3 min

Grow with

Inspirational talk: How, and where to find, flow.

5 min

Move with

RFLG: Short and sweet whole body workout that will leave you happy.

20 min

Yoga with

A class to strengthens the muscles around the spine and helps releasing muscular tension.

20 min

Yoga with

A simple and gentle partner sequence to lengthen the spine and become more present.

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