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What is power yoga?

18 August 2021 | By Yogobe

Power yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that focuses on strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. It was developed in the USA in the 80's with inspiration from ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. A sweaty yoga form that gives the body a real workout and sharpens your focus.

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Yin yoga – balancing the Yin and Yang of yoga 

21 October 2020 | By Ulrica Norberg

To find balance in our yoga practice it is important to balance yin, recovery, and yang, activity.  In this blog post I will guide you through the practice of yin yoga, the concept of yin and yang, and explain how yin yoga may help you release tension and find balance in life.

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Find your inner motivation 

19 October 2020 | By Satu Tuomela

Did you set any intentions for this year, got started, and then got lost on the way? That happens a lot of the time when trying to change our patterns. Therefor I want to inspire you to get back on track through the concept of Tapas, discipline. But what is this and how do we apply it in a good way? Learn more here and get started! 

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Explore the difference between goals and visions

20 September 2020 | By Gwyn Williams

How do you make a difference between goals and visions? And how can turning from a goal oriented thinking to a more visionary mindset help us tap into our unique potential? Read more on the topic here!

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Self-care strategies for yoga teachers in light of Covid-19 – part 3

13 June 2020 | By Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

Each of us have our own way of coping with the stressors that we are faced with. This last part of a mini blog series on self-care strategies is about action. On how to move from reflection towards action. Take my suggestions and develop your own self-care toolkit! Remember that you are not alone nor helpless in this.

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Self-care strategies for yoga teachers in light of Covid-19 – part 2

10 June 2020 | By Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

Research shows that caregivers are at risk of experiencing caregiving burdens – therefore is important for the yoga teacher to reflect on what they consider their professional role to be. Doing so could help to confirm what their current job description is and to act accordingly. What is the duty of care within your role?

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Going outside, being lost, and staying found

07 June 2020 | By Yogobe

Our surroundings may affect how we feel, think and live. How can nature change your yoga and meditation practice?  Follow yoga teacher Frida Boström and go outside to meditate, find a favorite place, sharpen your senses and just breathe.

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Self-care strategies for yoga teachers in light of Covid-19 – part 1

06 June 2020 | By Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

Many yoga teachers are now experiencing high stress levels and financial pressure – yet are still showing up to teach (virtual) classes in support of other people’s well-being and to maintain some income. In this first part of a blog series about self-care strategies for yoga teachers, I write about recognition. The industry is not perfect, and one yoga teacher cannot change it alone. Recognition is an important step in moving towards constructive solutions.

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What is my path cultivating?

11 March 2020 | By Luke Bache

I want you to be aware of what it is you really want to cultivate through your practice. Are you on the right path? Be curious and ask questions! For example if it is ok to ask yourself if the teacher in front of you is a person who inspires you both on and off the mat. Does their philosophy match with their everyday actions? When we take our first step on a spiritual path it is important to ask these questions to know what the path is really cultivating. 

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Lead kids in a steady but soft way

27 March 2019 | By Yogobe

Can you be steady but still soft and relaxed? These are traits that really can help when you are leading, especially a group of kids. Yoga teacher and author Helen Larsson tells you more about a playful way to lead.

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The upbringing of kids and big projects

12 July 2018 | By Yogobe

With the coming of her second child, yoga teacher Anastasia Shevchenko had to re-think her work. Read her story about bringing a big project to life despite a very small budget and lack of investors – while taking care of two small kids!

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Gör din yoga mer personlig – vecka 2 av 4

09 July 2018 | By Veronica "Vevve" Jäderlund

Vi fortsätter in på vecka 2 av 4 tillsammans med Veronica "Vevve" Jäderlund där vi ser närmare på fotplacering och benaktivering i stående positioner. Fokus under dessa fyra veckor är att lära dig grunderna, bryta ner positionerna så du kan bygga upp dem så de passar just dig. Yoga på ditt sätt helt enkelt! För en personligare och roligare yogapraktik.

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Yoga is not important

29 April 2018 | By Simon Krohn

It all started with philosophy. Yoga was developed as a practical way to break free from certain patterns and to reduce suffering. But yoga in itself is not important. What is important is the effect it might have on you. Dare to try Yoga Philosophy online!

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