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Women’s Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Päivämäärä: 21 - 25 elokuu 2019

Paikka: The archipelago of Stockholm (Grötskär)

Ohjaaja: Yohanna Mannelqvist

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About the retreat

A yoga & wellness retreat on a private island in the archipelago of Sweden. A unique opportunity to join a group of like minded, ambitious women for a 4-night retreat on a private island in the archipelago of Stockholm. This immersion is for the driven women ready for self-exploration and personal development.

Enjoy fresh air, warm stone cliffs and cleansing swims. Empower your wellness journey with daily yoga practices, nourishing meals from a private chef & wellness activities to reboot your lifestyle and guide you to a balanced way of life.

Yoga Classes

Daily Jivamukti Yoga classes (Vinyasa) where the focus will be on the mind-body-spirit connection, woven together with yoga philosophy, vinyasa sequences, breath work, chants, and meditation. Basic experience of yoga is recommended, hands-on assists and modifications will be offered.

Nourishing Food

A private chef will cook delicious plant-based meals that are served in the villa. The food has been carefully selected to nourish and reboot our bodies. Picture colorful and vibrant vegetables, plant proteins and healthy fats from nuts and seeds. The food will leave you feeling cleansed and energised.

Wellness Workshops

We will use journaling and meditation as powerful tools for self-inquiry, healing and personal growth. You will be introduced to Essential Oils and Accupuncture Balls. There will be scheduled free-time where there is space for silence or connection with other women.

Useful info

  • Dates: August 21-25, 2019
  • Location: The archipelago of Stockholm (Grötskär)
  • Cost: 1 500 US$
  • Included:
    • 4 nights accommodation
    • 3 plant-based meals per day and snacks
    • Daily Jivamukti Yoga Classes
    • Daily Wellness Workshops
    • Exclusive activities and events
    • Wellness Welcome Kit daily breakfast lunch and dinner, transportation to and from off-site activities
  • Previous knowledge: Basic experience of yoga recommended.


A contemporary masterpiece set upon its own private island, Villa.

Kymmendo is indulged as the ultimate summer luxury residence in Sweden. Purposely built as a simple yet artistic five-bedroom villa in 2009, the single level design features floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies and terraces that maximize views of the sea and sunsets to the west. The communal living spaces including the kitchen, dining room and living room, are all spaciously open featuring clean lines and endless views. The shared bedrooms are situated at the rear of the property. Down by the water’s edge, a short walk from the main house, there’s a sauna house that sits on one of the island’s piers.

Eight women will be sharing accommodation in the main house with a fellow retreat guest or a friend. There is also a guest house on the property that will be hosting two women. Requests are welcome and will be taken in consideration.

About Yohanna

Meet Yohanna, a fashion executive turned Yoga Teacher & Womens Wellness Coach,

After years of rapidly excelling in London’s fashion industry and acquiring all of the external possessions society calls success, Yohanna hit burnout. She embarked on a soul searching journey to heal, mentally and physically.

Today, she lives a nomadic life with a base in Tulum and travels the rest for retreats, events and workshops. She specializes in guiding ambitious women back into a loving relationship with themselves and towards inner balance.

Yohanna trained with Rachel Brathen in Aruba and is a certified 200H Vinyasa Teacher. She also teaches Jivamukti Yoga and completed the 300H training in Costa Rica in 2017.

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