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True North Vinyasa - Teacher training 200HR

Päivämäärä: 30 elokuu - 20 syyskuu 2020

Paikka: Vallåsens Värdshus, Växtorp, Skåne

Ohjaaja: Elin Jensen & Lisa Andersson Rhodiner

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True North Vinyasa is a yoga teacher training true to the essence of vinyasa with a fresh and open minded perspective. This is an immersion into a transformational personal physical practice. It's a hands-on catapult into skilful vinyasa teaching and the business of being a teacher. It's a tool kit that will help you find your voice and your calling as a yoga teacher.

We stay true to the core of modern vinyasa. This means we don't provide answers and we never ask you to memorise a sequence or a script. In fact we won't even give you a sequence. Instead we will focus on the foundational knowledge you need in order to create your own sequences and scripts with confidence. You will learn the craft of teaching vinyasa.

Our training follows and greatly exceeds the outline of Yoga Alliance and will earn you a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certificate. But above all, it will mark the beginning of your new life as a skilled, articulate, creative and inspirational Vinyasa Teacher. From day one we will guide you in deepening your practice and fine tuning the skills you'll need to be an empowered and empowering yoga teacher.

Your own personal practice and choices, on and off the mat, make up the foundation of your offerings as a teacher. Exploring the refinement of body, movement, breath, energy flow and clarity of mind is the base of our training. Be prepared to push your mental and physical boundaries throughout these intensive three weeks. Be prepared for major shifts, changes and transitions – again, some of the key components of vinyasa flow yoga.


  • How to observe and respond to people, their bodies and their potential
  • How to deepen your own practice and apply the wisdom from your journey to guiding others
  • Logic in asana structure and alignment, working from the base and up, from the inside and out
  • How to assist physical poses with confidence and encouragement
  • How to communicate from the core of your being and your heart, with an articulate and powerful voice
  • The art of intelligently designing, theming and sequencing classes that are fun, graceful, inspirational and boosting for all levels
  • How to relate and apply ancient yogic philosophy to a contemporary dynamic yoga practice
  • How to build your yoga business and brand as a yoga teacher

Intensive training
We offer this course as a 20 day all inclusive intensive with additional preparation time before training begins. The intensive format allows you to fully dedicate yourself to a transformational practice and journey. We believe the personal immersion is a key component in becoming a yoga teacher. You will need to be prepared to work hard in this training.

Beautiful setting
We believe in the power of beautiful surroundings and good nourishing food. For this training we have carefully picked an amazing venue in southwestern Sweden. You will be staying in an aesthetically stimulating small retreat center, with a great boutique style and attention to detail. Our venue is about 1,5 hours from Copenhagen International Airport.

Two main teachers
True North Vinyasa is a strong team of two main teachers Elin Jensen and Lisa Andersson Rhodiner. Together we have 18 years of combined teaching experience and over 30 years of combined practice. We are ready to share our knowledge of studio ownership, organising fully booked retreats, sequencing memorable classes and designing unique, sold-out workshops. But we are also ready to share our mistakes (yes, we've made them too) and lessons learnt the hard way from the business of yoga.

Small groups
Group size for this training is limited to 18 students, making the student-teacher ratio 9:1. This is unusual and guarantees individual attention and a high quality teacher training.

We don't leave you hanging
We have a solid worldwide network and will continue to offer insight and mentorship for an unlimited time after the teacher training has ended.

Excellent guest faculty 
We believe in a strong, diverse team and will invite inspiring and experienced guest faculty for added perspectives.

Educating teachers
A lot of yogis look to teacher trainings simply to learn more about yoga and to advance their personal practice. While you will get all this, True North Vinyasa is dedicated to educating teachers, not advanced yogis. We do a lot of actual teaching from day one.

Beyond teaching well
Being a yoga teacher is competitive. While we give you a strong skill set to become an amazing teacher, we are also dedicated to sending you off with solid knowledge of how to build your brand, run your business and succeed financially. We devote much more time to this than most teacher trainings.


  • You love the freedom and creativity of modern vinyasa flow
  • You would like to be a confident and skillful yoga teacher, true to yourself
  • You are ready to dedicate three super intensive weeks to developing yourself, your practice and your knowledge base
  • You are inspired by beautiful surroundings and attention to detail
  • You like the idea of spending three weeks in the green woods of Sweden
  • You would like to be a yoga leader – not just an instructor

"I was looking to come out of a 3 week intensive teacher training feeling prepared to sequence, plan and teach full vinyasa classes and that is exactly how I feel. The knowledge I have gained during this training is invaluable." - Hallie, USA, April 2018

Useful info

Date: 30 august - 20 september
Location: Vallåsens värdshus, Växtorp, Skåne
Price: 4900 Euro
Previous knowledge:
At least two years of regular dynamic yoga practice. Familiarity with Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Ability to communicate in english. Required reading and some preparatory work before training begins.
Whats included:
200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification. True North Vinyasa exclusive teacher's manual. 20 nights of shared accommodations at Vallåsens Värdshus. Three vegetarian meals daily. Access to world-wide network of True North Vinyasa teachers. Access to mentorship and support after the training. 
What to bring: Details will be sent out closer to the training. 
Email to organizer:
[email protected]


WEEK 1 | FIND YOUR FLOW Our venue is located in the Swedish countryside with forest all around, a lush garden, sauna and birds singing. We close the door to the outside world and immerse fully into a physical practice. You'll start practicing the art of teaching, shifting from being a student to becoming aware of the teacher's perspective.

WEEK 2 | FIND YOUR VOICE We focus increasingly on the teacher's skill set and toolbox. You are gradually introduced to sequencing, alignment, adjusting and assisting, class themes, anatomy. You'll start to connect the dotted lines between ancient teachings and modern yoga. You are invited to explore finding your own voice and offering, as well as the technicalities of designing and successfully executing classes for different types of students and needs.

WEEK 3 | FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH We invite you to fully step into the role of a yoga teacher. We continue our daily practice, adding a more thorough analysis of each class and incorporating an increasing amount of hands on teaching and adjusting. You are introduced to leadership and self care, plus the skills needed to build a business in yoga as well as branding and marketing.


  • 7.30–9.30 am | Morning Practice (including meditation, pranayama, asana)
  • 9.30 am | Breakfast and self-study
  • 11 am–1.45 pm | Session 1
  • 1.45 pm | Lunch and self-study
  • 3–6.45 pm | Session 2
  • 7 pm | Dinner and self-study

The daily schedule will vary somewhat. ​There is no day off, but we do schedule self studies for two full days.


  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification
  • True North Vinyasa exclusive teacher's manual
  • 20 nights of shared accommodations at Vallåsens Värdshus
  • Three vegetarian meals daily
  • Access to mentorship and support after the training
  • Access to world-wide network of True North Vinyasa teachers


  • Required reading material (around €100)
  • Travel costs/transfer costs
  • Optional photo shoot with a professional photographer during week 2-3 (€60)

Our 200 hr intensive teacher training takes place at Vallåsens Värdshus, located 20 minutes from the coast in southwest Sweden. The venue is located about 1,5 hours by train from Copenhagen Airport Kastrup (nearest international airport). By car it's about a 1 hour drive north of Malmö and 7 hours from Berlin.

About True North Vinyasa

True North Vinyasa s the loving product of yoga teachers and entrepreneurs Lisa Andersson Rhodiner and Elin Jensen. We are both strong, independent and free thinking Swedish natives, with an unconditional love for the rhythm and flow of vinyasa yoga. Along with our strong faculty of experienced teachers, each equipped with his or her unique skillset, we wish to be part of a future with high quality yoga teachers and leaders, and a shift in the world towards health, sustainability and respect for the self and others.

We offer 200 hour foundational Yoga Teacher Trainings in Europe, specific to vinyasa yoga, that meet and exceed the Yoga Alliance requirements. In addition we offer continuing education in a retreat format for yoga teachers in our fields of expertise: The Art of Teaching Vinyasa and Branding & Marketing for Yoga Teachers.

​We are dedicated to  the vinyasa practice and the freedom and creativity it entails. Our trainings are designed for individuals who cherish this freedom but wish to work from a solid foundation of knowledge, confidence and skill. We strongly believe in the intensive retreat format for long and short trainings. Immersing into your own practice is essential when you teach yoga. We keep group sizes small as part of our concept. Just like in asana practice, quality, integrity and authenticity are values that we teach, try to live by and strongly encourage.

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