Magnesia Festival

Päivämäärä: 3 - 5 elokuu 2018

Paikka: Helsinki, Finland

Ohjaaja: Among others Milla Floryd, Timo Kurvi & Aino Siren

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MAGNESIA FESTIVAL - The most heartful weekend of the summer

Magnesia - Heartful Island Festival now for the first time as a 3-day weekend festival!

Organized for the third time, Magnesia Festival is the most attractive event of the summer. This year we will get together for a three-day celebration of joyful and heartful living.

The magical island of Lonna right in front of Helsinki offers a beautiful scene for a transformative experience including yoga, meditation, creative workshops, music and dancing, sunsets and heartful people. The intention of Magnesia Festival is happiness and enjoying life, together.


During the three days, the island is ours for doing outdoor yoga and meditation, getting inspired in heartful workshops, challenging ourselves to learn something new, to dance like nobody's watching or just to relax and enjoy music, food and archipelago nature.

The workshops and classes are held by Finland's leading instructors and teachers, in addition to a few international stars.

Magnesia Festival 2018 program is divided into the following four tracks:

  • MOVE: dynamic yoga classes and diverse ways to move your body
  • UPGRADE: lectures and workshops offering information and inspiration
  • TRANSFORM: deep and transformative inner work
  • LOVE: relaxing and slowing down
  • FAMILY: family program (on Sunday)
  • MAGNESIA PRO: for wellbeing professionals and wellbeing professional wannabes (on Friday)

In addition, there will be a carefully selected line of live artists and DJ’s. Chill out enjoying the music or go test the dance floor, recommended especially on Saturday evening’s soulful party.

Useful info

FYI: Use the code YOGOBE when you buy your ticket and you'll get 10% off!


  • Three-day Ticket includes:
    • More than 80 classes and workshops on the Magnesia main stage, in the old Warehouse buildings and in the Yellow house. All of the program is available for the festival guests on a first come, first served basis. No pre-booking required!
    • Live music artists & DJ’s
    • An opportunity to use Lonna’s gorgeous sauna (normal price 16€)
    • All of the side program on the island
    • On Sunday, an opportunity to bring along 1-2 children (age 14 years or under) to participate in Magnesia’s family program
  • Two- and one-day tickets include all of the program on the specific day(s).


Lonna Island is only a 7-minute ferry ride away from the Market Square. Long ago, the island was used as a demagnetizing center for landmines. Recently it has become a peaceful haven for city dwellers to visit and leave their worries behind.

Photographer: Matti Keski-Kohtamäki

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