Immersions Michael James Wong

Päivämäärä: 12 - 14 marraskuu 2024

Paikka: Hotel Skansen, Båstad

Ohjaaja: Michael James Wong

Immersion: Ladder Flow Training & Immersion 30h

For the past almost decade, Michael has been one of Yoga Games most well-loved teachers sharing his signature Ladder Flow style classes that bring together breath, music and movement. This energising style of practice that requires focus, fearlessness and flow. In this 3 day, ‘everyone is welcome – all levels’ immersion you can join Michael for this Yoga Games exclusive immersion to come learn, share & flow together.

This is an opportunitiy for those that love to let go and just flow! This is NOT to be missed.

If you are interested in learning how to teach Michael’s signature style of Ladder Flows, join the immersion as a teacher as we break down the details of intelligent sequencing, learn how to create your own ladders, how to select the perfect music and creating a power experience for your students.

You will have additional learning lectures, assignments and a final assessment. At the end of the immersion you will receive a 30hr CPD teacher training certificate from Michael James Wong and Krama Yoga.

All students and teachers who join will receive the immersion workbook with the sequences written down and all the teaching tips, notes and methods.

Course Structure

This course is a 30hr training immersion, which includes;

  • 8 x Ladder Flow Online Classes (6hrs) – This is a course pre-requisite which must be completed before you come to Bastad.
  • 3 x Days In-person Immersion (8hrs)
  • 1 x Immersion Workbook with classes, lectures notes and sequences written down
  • Expert guidance from Michael James Wong
  • A community of yogi’s who LOVE Yoga Games Ladder Flow

What exactly will be covered

The focus of the immersion will be to share with you the how and why you teach a ladder flow, you will learn some classic ladder flow practices that Michael will share, and also learn how to create your own!

  • Learn 2x Ladder Flows each day with Michael
  • Breakdown the details of all signature flows
  • Learn the methods to creating your own ladder flows
  • Learn how to choose the right music
  • Learn how to create a powerful and energising sequence
  • Learn how to teach and guide a practice with a group

Practical Information

  • Date: 12 - 14 November 2024
  • Time: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Hotel Skansen, Båstad
  • Price: 950 EUR
  • What's included: 30 hours training with Michael James Wong. 6 hours online and 24 hours physically on site.
  • To bring: Yoga mat
  • Organizer: Yoga Games

About Michael James Wong

Michael James Wong is a man on a mission to break down barriers, smash stereotypes and bring the global yoga & wellness community together in a calmer & quieter conversation. Founder and vision behind JUST BREATHE, BOYS OF YOGA & SUNDAY SCHOOL YOGA, Michael travels the world teaching and sharing the practice in the modern world. A community leader, international yoga teacher, meditation guide, acclaimed speaker and author of Sit Down, Be Quiet, Michael is recognised around the world as a leading voice in the global community.

A New Zealand born, Los Angeles raised native, now based in London, Michael’s passion is to inspire the masses about the benefits of a mindful way of living every single day, and create a focus on the power of community.

Michael is a teacher’s teacher, and leads 200hr & 50hr advanced trainings around the world in the UK, USA, Sweden, Australia, Europe and more. He is also the founder of the Just Breathe Meditation App, with guided meditations, music daily practices.

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