Meditation for Life

“You arrive as a work in progress and you leave as a work in progress” – Don Stapleton

Stillness within through meditation

Learn how to meditate or deepen your practice, to support your everyday life!

Curious about trying out meditation or different meditation techniques? Then this program is for you. During six weeks you'll be exploring six different guided meditations under the guidance of Eleonora Ramsby Herrera, yoga- and meditation teacher. You'll receive insights on meditation as a practice, different techniques as well as finding a deeper connection to your stillness and self.

Purpose of the program

The purpose of the program is to offer you a variation of basic meditation practices that serve to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and compassion towards yourself. This while supporting you in connecting with the present moment, and your inner soul- and heart wisdom.

Who is this program for?

The program is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners who wish to explore a contemporary and alternative approach to mindfulness meditation. It is for you who prefer to be guided through meditations that are structured around a particular theme of exploration, and that include breath, body scans, image work, hand gestures (mudras) and mental affirmations.

Program overview

The program includes six sessions that follow a progressive order. We suggest you practice one session per week, and explore it 2-3 times, before moving on to the next session. The focus and practice of each week:

  • Week 1: Body and breath awareness – including introduction to the program
  • Week 2: Rest in seat of self
  • Week 3: Harness strength and focus
  • Week 4: Tapping into soul wisdom through imagination
  • Week 5: Cultivate trust and patience
  • Week 6: Loving Kindness Meditation

Keep in mind

To make the most out of your meditation practice there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure you feel comfortable enough in your body and posture to remain still during the practice. If you at any point experience physical discomfort during the meditation, then know that you do not have to endure that. Instead, you can mindfully adapt your posture and return to focusing on your practice once you’ve established a more comfortable position.
  • Feel free to use whatever extra support you need to help support your posture, whether that is a chair, an extra pillow or blanket.
  • Some days are easier, some days are more difficult. Acceptance and compassion are your best friends!
  • It is a process. Take small steps and try your best to be patient with yourself.
  • You are practicing for the sake of practicing, not to achieve an outcome.

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Get to know your teacher

Find out more about Eleonora Ramsby Herrera by visiting her profile!

Follow our program step by step:

  1. Week 1-2
  2. Week 3-4
  3. Week 5-6

Video Guide

Let's get started! You'll find instructions and the video guidance for the first two weeks below.

Week 1

In this program you find different meditative practices with guided meditations. Each meditation follows a specific theme and you'll learn different methods in the different meditations. The purpose of this practice is to help you develop an increased awareness of your body by focusing your attention on specific body parts as well as concentrating on the breath. Try to practice 2-3 times this week, more is even better but do what works for you, in your everyday life.

In order to more easily get into meditation and inner stillness it is important that your body is comfortable. Therefore you'll find two videos on how to sit and lie down while meditating. Support your body in anyway it might need it! It is also good to prepare your body and mind through, for example, a breathing exercise or physical movements. If you want and have time, feel free to try the video for meditation prep, which will reoccur each week.

Introduction to the program

Introduction, 3 min

Introduction to guided meditations

Meditation preparation

Sit in meditation, 10 min

Learn how to sit in meditation in order to be as comfortable as possible. You should never push your body into any uncomfortable position.

Lying down in meditation, 10 min

Some meditations may be practices lying down. Learn how to lie down in a comfortable way to be able to go inside.

Meditation prep, 15 min

This short sequence is a great way to prepare for meditation. By moving your body you start to ground yourself and focus your mind. This will help you go deeper into your meditation.

This week's meditation practice

Body and breath awareness, 15 min

A guided meditation that brings attention to the sensations in the body and helps to cultivate body awareness.

Week 2

Welcome to the second week of your practice. The purpose of this week's meditation is to learn how to simply sit with yourself in the present moment and drop into a state of being rather than doing. The meditation is done sitting up, which requires a little more effort and activity in the body and mind. This week a mantra is introduced to help us remain alert and focused. A mantra is a word, a sentence or a sound, that is repeated quietly or out loud, in order to get your mind focused. Continue to practice 2-3 times this week, maybe you'll be able to get one more day of practice than last week.

Feel free to sit on a chair, or on the floor on a pillow or a blanket in order to be physically comfortable. You can always go back to the introduction on how to sit in meditation in Week 1 to get some tips.

Meditation preparation

Meditation prep, 15 min

This short sequence is a great way to prepare for meditation. By moving your body you start to ground yourself and focus you mind. This will help you go deeper into your meditation.

This week's meditation practice

Rest in seat of self, 20 min

A guided meditation that supports the cultivation of presence, calm and stillness in body and mind.

”The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.”

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