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To live next to cancer – don't forget yourself

08 March 2020 | By Sara Ivarsson

Spouses and partners to cancer patients have a higher risk of illness. The stress and the increased demands in caring for a loved one may be too overwhelming. This is why self-care is so important. You need to care of yourself, for yourself.

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Låt kroppen röra sig – med Anja Bergh

04 March 2020 | By Yogobe

Anja Bergh är yogaläraren, inom Embodied Flow™, som alltid sprider ljuvlig energi och utmanar oss att röra oss friare, på sätt som vi tidigare inte gjort. Vi ställde tre frågor till Anja runt yoga, rörelse och nervsystemet – läs hennes tankar runt hur effektivt det är att arbeta med nervsystemet samt hennes tips till nya yogalärare.

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To live with cancer – Increase intensity to decrease fatigue

16 February 2020 | By Sara Ivarsson

Cancer related fatigue is one of the most common side effects cancer patients suffer from. An overwhelming exhaustion that affects all aspects of life. But new research shows that there's one action that has proven very effective to alleviate and reduce fatigue. Learn more here! 

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Status update - Server attack

11 February 2020 | By Peter Munteanu

This blog post is your update to what is going on at Yogobe HQ since our servers were attacked in the morning of February 1. If you are a member or visitor and want to know more, this is the place to find information.

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Being authentic – with Satu Tuomela

11 February 2020 | By Yogobe

Authentic Flow is built on intuition, embodiment and exploration. We asked Satu Tuomela – founder of Authentic Flow, senior yoga teacher and member of Team Yogobe – three questions on the topic authenticity.  And this is truly a yoga style channeling her entire life philosophy. Get inspired to explore authenticity in movement!

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To live with cancer – take part in your own wellbeing

26 January 2020 | By Sara Ivarsson

Yoga can be a great tool to improve physical and psychological symptoms as well as emotional health – learn more here! 

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To live with, after and next to cancer

14 January 2020 | By Sara Ivarsson

So many of us are affected by cancer in different ways, either as a patient or a loved one. In this first blog post in a series that I'll be writing coming months, I'm sharing my story and how to find support when cancer turns life upside down.

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Exploring the breath – part 2

15 December 2019 | By Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

With the support of yogic breathing you can make small changes that lead to big ones. One breath at a time. Learn more about how the yogic practice of pranayama can work as an alternative method to cultivate well-being!

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Exploring the breath – part 1

04 December 2019 | By Eleonora Ramsby Herrera

How does your diaphragm work – and how does your posture affect your breathing? This first article of two about the breath – explains how the breath functions works and how to breathe in a more easeful way.

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Hur mycket bör man träna?

13 November 2019 | By Julia Glutz

Tillhör du dem som ständigt jagar puls, svett och endorfiner? Eller dem som finner ro på en yogamatta kramandes på ett bolster? Oavsett, är du medveten om hur mycket du bör träna, på vilken nivå och vad som är optimalt för just dig och din ålder? Här får du lära dig mer om just detta!

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Yoga for athletes

13 October 2019 | By Maria Rizell Hegg

If you have a car, you hopefully don’t start doing maintenance when the wheels are falling off... With this in mind, how do you go about maintaining your body? Do you ignore symptoms like pain until there’s no pill or other quick fixes that can make them bearable anymore? Maria Rizell Hegg tells us about the benefits of yoga for athletes.

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Cut yourself some slack

12 June 2019 | By Satu Tuomela
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Should we say no to flying?

29 May 2019 | By Stefan Ericsson

If you - like me - absolutely love to travel this might have already, or it soon will, cross your mind. Traveling has some many faces: Excitement & love, challenges & growth, friendship & laughter, loneliness & fear. It’s a great teacher – but is it a sustainable way of life?

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Yoga for hockey players

11 April 2019 | By Maria Rizell Hegg

How can yoga help you as a hockey player? Systematic routines to release tension are simple, efficient and have been shown to make a great difference. In the practice we also take time to sense. The better we get at processing how the body, breath and mind responds, the better we can be in our performances. Learn more here! 

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Lead kids in a steady but soft way

27 March 2019 | By Yogobe

Can you be steady but still soft and relaxed? These are traits that really can help when you are leading, especially a group of kids. Yoga teacher and author Helen Larsson tells you more about a playful way to lead.

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