Experience gong and the healing qualities of sound - interview with Mateusz Krawiec

04 November 2020 | By Sara Jakobsson

Sound healing helped him find his inner strength when struggling with addiction, today he gives gong concerts and sound healing sessions on a weekly basis. In this interview with yoga teacher and gong player Mateusz Krawiec you can read more about his work and learn how sound healing changed his life. 

Sound healing offers a free ride to meditation

The first time I participated in one of Mateusz Krawiec's gong concerts was a couple of years ago and I was struck by the calm and presence I experienced only by lying down and tuning in to the sounds from the gong and the singing bowls. Recently, I took a sound session class at Urban Om and had a little chat with Matuesz about his gong concerts and the phenomenon of sound healing.

How did you get into gong and sound healing?
– In my mid twenties, almost twelve years ago, I was addicted to alcohol and also struggled with drugs. My friend had a big awakening through theta healing and bought himself gongs and singing bowls, and played them for me once a week. After each session, I found myself in an amazing space, reconnected to my inner resources. I found the motivation to deal with my addiction, and from that on, sound healing became a part of my life.

When did you start giving concerts?
– It just happened to me. One day, I was carrying all my instruments and my neighbour asked me: Oh, I didn't know you were also a musician! (because he's a musician) and I was about to say no. But then I looked at all my instruments and I realized that this weekend, I have five sound journeys and I was like.. Am I a musician? Wow. So it just happened, it just sprouted, it wasn't my plan. I woke up one day and realized, this is what I'm doing. 

Cool! It seems like more and more people are getting curious about sound healing?
– Yeah, it's growing and I'm glad to see more people playing gong. I want to see gong in hospitals, prisons and schools.

What is it about sound that makes it so calming and healing?
– There are so many aspects of that. Scientifically there are theories about the physical structures of the blood cells, change in brain waves, electrical impulses from neurons, different markers of wellbeing like heart rate variability and so on. And it's all great to be able to measure such things, I honor that, but in the end, what we need to remember is that something holistic, something that works so holistically, is very difficult to capture and to grasp as a whole definition. One of the greatest confirmations for me is what I see people experience and what they are telling me about their experience, the testimonials of the participants. Like qualities of how their life improved, physical and spiritual healing processes, I even heard some interesting testimonials from cancer patients.

Do you have any special memory or experience with sound healing that you want to share?
– I remember waking up after a white sound session, and for like 30 seconds, I didn't understand that I was born into a human body on planet Earth. I was just traveling through space, and the feelings I had were like explosions of light in darkness, when traveling at light speed through the galaxy. And yeah, it took me a while to realize that I was born in a human body and that I was at Reimersholme in Stockholm. It was amazing. People use drugs, breathing techniques and other methods to experience such a deep state, but I think sound is the most accessible and safe way.

Is sound healing for everyone?
– It's for every human being. For most people it's relaxing, it’s a free ride to meditation. But in some cases there's fear, tension or trauma involved, and then I would recommend not so much of a public space, rather a private session. For the therapeutic parts of sound healing it's important for the facilitator to create a safe space for the participants.

– The sound goes where it's needed so you just have to trust the process, you don't need some special skills. The Art of Union, as I call my work with sound and therapy, emphasises on the therapeutic part of sound healing, but it’s also a spiritual practice and a form of art, so you can enjoy gong from many different approaches.

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About Mateusz Krawiec

Mateusz is a yoga teacher, gong player and movement entusiast from Wroclaw, Poland, now living in Sweden where he gives concerts, classes, workshops and teacher trainings. With the intention to keep his perspectives as wide as possible, he has studied many different traditions and disciplins of yoga, movement and sound healing. If you are interested in attending one of Matusz's gong concerts, book a private session or learn how to play gong you can visit his website here or check out Mateusz Facebook-page for upcoming events.

Sara Jakobsson

Yoga, writing and sustainability are close to Sara's heart. Sara is a part of the Yogobe Crew where she works as content manager and she is also a yoga teacher.