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Ayurvedic tips for a healthy skin

21 October 2018 | By Yogobe

Do you long for a more natural skin care? With the ancient wisdom of ayurveda as a pillar stone, Dr. Venu Sasikumar, skin specialist, here shares with you some of his best remedies and tips for a healthy skin. 

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How to balance your pitta during summer

08 June 2018 | By Sarah Platt-Finger

Are you one of those who can't really handle the heat during summer? Who might feel overheated and irritated by this? You are not alone, and it's quite normal if you have a certain body constitution. The ancient seers of India had their own internal cooling system that comes from the traditional healing science known as ayurveda. Here I'll tell you some more about ayurveda and how you can balance your body to better handle the summer heat.  

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