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Salutary qualities of cooling foods on a hot summer's day

26 August 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

Learn how eating according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can benefit your health! This is our third blog post in the series about vegetarian, healthy food.

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Integrating healthy, creative and wholesome eating into your daily life

21 August 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

How do we sustain inspired and healthy cooking and eating in daily life? It’s not always easy! In this blog post, I'll give you tips and inspiration for healthy, creative, and wholesome eating.

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Recipe: Creamy tomato with lemongrass & lime leaves

21 August 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

This soup has quite a few flavours in common with a Thai red curry, yet it stays mild and doesn’t go ‘all the way’. It is a great soup for a lazy day, as you can put this soup on the table in less than 25 minutes. It is an all-round, affordable and loved by all recipe, and therefore very suitable to make for large groups.

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Recipe: Millet salad – with roasted veggies, orange and almonds

19 July 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

Instant happiness on a plate! This salad balances hot and cold and taste wonderful! 

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The most important ingredients for creative cooking – love & curiosity!

15 June 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

Tips and inspiration to prepare a radiating vegetarian Midsummer buffet!

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Recipe: Panzanella with fennel, orange & plums

04 June 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

Get a tasty variation of the classical Italian panzanella – with plums and orange to give it a twist.

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Back to Basics – How to eat sustainable, plant-based and delicious?

24 May 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

Curious about healthy, sustainable and plant-based foods? Let me guide you through the basics of healthy and sustainable food and give you my best tips for cooking tasty, and healthy, food!

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Recipe: Lukewarm gnocchi with broccoli, spinach, radish & tarragon

02 May 2022 | By Stephanie Verstift

Gnocchi is one of my favorites. The mushy starchy texture is delicious and has more flavor than pasta. You can make me happy with gnocchi any time of day or year! This recipe has spring and summer vibes with lots of fresh greens and roasted radish.

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Delicious Pumpkin Cake

23 March 2019 | By Yogobe

A wonderful cake that don't take you more than twenty minutes to prepare, by chef Lina Bou. Just let it cook in the oven while you do your yoga  – after which you can treat yourself with a freshly baked cake with a deliciously crisp crust!

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Savory Polenta & Potato cake with Goat Cheese

09 March 2019 | By Yogobe

Here is a recipe that will make your mouth water! Lina Bou, a chef specialisted on holistic nutrition, shares this vegetarian polenta and potato cake with you. Maybe for dinner this weekend? Happy cooking!

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Ayurvedic tips for a healthy skin

21 October 2018 | By Yogobe

Do you long for a more natural skin care? With the ancient wisdom of ayurveda as a pillar stone, Dr. Venu Sasikumar, skin specialist, here shares with you some of his best remedies and tips for a healthy skin. 

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Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

05 October 2018 | By Yogobe

Time for fika? Check these raw carrot cake bliss balls from GreenStreet out! They're based on nuts, dates and carrots and are quick and easy to make. Perfect for some afternoon snacking! 

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Chocolate Banana Bread

29 June 2018 | By Yogobe

A gluten-free and vegan recipe from GreenStreet -  for the chocolate lover!

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