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03 October 2021 | By Yogobe

Interested in pilates that encourage and challenge you? With joy and strenght, Emma Cowan teaches all-levels practitioners. Learn more about Emma and her pilates classes on Yogobe here!

Fun and challenging pilates classes – from Arizona to Gothenburg

Emma Cowan a Pilates instructor originally from Arizona, USA, now living in Gothenburg with her Swedish partner and a gorgeous amstaff named Snoop.  Emma teaches both private and group classes and runs the Pilates Studio Pilates Complete in Gothenburg. We had a little chat with Emma:

How did you begin practicing pilates?

– I was 19 when my best friend found a pilates course at our community college. The course allowed us to take classes twice a week while studying for a Pilates Matwork certification. I never did anything with that certification, but the course lit a fire in me and led me to work in a high-end Pilates Studio in Manhattan and Redondo Beach, California, as a receptionist.

– When I moved to Sweden in 2014, I found Jasmin and Linda at Pilates Complete. I worked reception and admin for Pilates Complete until I was ready to move on to teaching. I started teaching in 2016. I have received my entire Pilates certification through Stott Pilates at the Stockholm Pilates Center.

What inspires you to continue practicing and teaching pilates?

– Passion! The more I learn about pilates, the body and movement – the more engaged I get with my clients and my own practice. I love learning and expanding my practice.

Is there any difference in how pilates is practiced in the US compared to Sweden?

– Pilates is world renowned and has a huge international community. The foundation is always the same. I think the magic and variations of pilates come from the instructors! The foundation is always the same, but every instructor is different.

– For example - one instructor may be more inclined to lead a more flowy practice while another can choose to have more strength and conditioning. Both classes can be very similar in form but if one instructor has more emphasis on strength and conditioning, while the other focuses on grace and flexibility - you will have two completely different classes.

What can we look forward to in your classes on Yogobe?

– You can look forward to having fun and getting a great workout. I like to lead fun and lighthearted classes. I like to challenge participants while also giving them the space to modify if an exercise is too hard. All levels are welcome, and all levels will be challenged!

See all classes with Emma Cowan here!

Pilates classes online with Emma Cowan

30 min

Move with

Pilates with a resistance band – work on your mobility, strength and cardio.

15 min

Move with

Sweat, boost your energy and let the lower body muscles burn!

15 min

Move with

Hip, core and spine work with no load on hands and knees.

15 min

Move with

Stay strong and connected with this short and sweet basic matwork session.

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