January on Yogobe – 15 min a day makes all the difference

01 January 2021 | By Yogobe

Welcome January, welcome 2021! Now, let us turn the page and leave a tough year behind so that we can look forward to a new year, with new opportunities. During the month of January, we wish to inspire you to invest in your health for the long run, by encouraging you to take at least 15 minutes out of your day for your well-being.

15 minutes a day for a healthy life

There are many factor behind living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle and since we are all different, our needs can look very different. But most people have 15 minutes a day for some type of a healthy routine - and 15 minutes a day can be enough to experience a real difference in how you feel. Remember, it does not have to be physical exercise only, it can be a moment for recovery or self-reflection. What does your everyday life look like? What is missing? Can you take 15 minutes to do what you need to feel good? If you sleep poorly, practice Yoga Nidra before sleep or a few postures of Restorative yoga. If the body feels stiff and immobile, do some deep stretch or Hatha yoga. Do you need peace and quiet? Meditate. Give it a try, start with a week and see how you feel after investing 15 minutes in yourself.

Sex tips on how to get those 15 minutes into your everyday life  

  • Make a plan for the week: Schedule a time that you think is best for your practice. Write it in the calendar, prioritize it. But set the level of ambition at a decent level - do not put in 5 intensive sessions if you start from 0. Be smart, be sustainable.
  • Create a place at home where you spend your quarter. Always return there. Make it your own.
  • Vary the training - adapt your 15 minutes to what you need in general, but also to today's conditions. Do you want to be more mobile? For example, mix mobility training with vinyasa yoga.
  • Do not skip today's quarter just because you are tired, adjust the choice instead - try Yin, Yoga Nidra or Restorative Flow.
  • Do it with someone to boost motivation. At home, you may be able to bring your partner or a child - and via hangout you can train with a friend or a colleague. External expectations are really helpful when it comes to discipline!
  • Use the tools you have at home - do you need a bolster for Yin yoga? Roll up two towels. Use detergent and books as weights (just put them in a backpack).

Playlists of the month

To help you get started with a quarter of an hour a day, we have produced three playlists with different specializations:

Share your tips to get started - BEYOGA365

Every month we ask a question in our Facebook group BEYOGA365 and in January we want to know your best tips for getting started with healthy routines: "What are your best tips for kickstarting your training and maintain your practice?". Share your tricks and take part in other people's tips - together we stay healthy and strong!

15 minutes videos

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20 min

Yoga with

A sensual practice to awaken the feminine body and summon the current of Shakti that lives within.

20 min

Yoga with

A class to strengthens the muscles around the spine and helps releasing muscular tension.

20 min

Move with

Session 3 – Graceful, powerful and rhythmic movement!

20 min

Move with

Explore your ability to move in variated movement patterns.

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