Physical activity as a recipe (FaR)

Yogobe offers a wide range of classes online for you to get started with a good excercise routine. We also offer classes and programs for experienced practitioners. Our ambition is to provide you with support for physical and mental wellbeing.

Our FaR offering: 2 months free Yogobe membership. No binding period.

As a Yogobe member you have unlimited access to our video library with more than 2000 classes and programs within health, mobility, yoga, relaxation and meditation. All our content and tutorials have been developed by leading experts and can be accessed via any device, at your convenience.

How to get started (New member)

  • Create your free trial membership here
  • Take a photo or scan your FaR recipe and send it to [email protected] and we will extend it to 60 days in total.

Already a Yogobe member?

  • Take a photo or scan your FaR recipe and send it to [email protected] and we will extend your membership with an additional 60 days.

Finding your favourite activities

Explore our video library or try out some of our popular programs to get started.

All our programmes require that you have a normal ability to move your body and joints

Program for aerobic exercises

Functional exercise programmes to build strength and mobility

Yoga programmes to build strength and mobility

Classes for children and young adults (Swedish))

Classes for pregnant and new mothers (Swedish)

Classes for people with limited mobility

Visit BEYOGA365 or our Instagram for daily inspiration or drop us an email on [email protected] so that we can help you get started.

More practical information can be found on our FAQ page

Take care of yourself and mind your health!

Yogobe is FaR-certified

Yogobe is certified as an approved activity organizer for FaR by Akademiskt Primärvårdscenter (APC). This as part of our vision to make high-quality training available to all. Read more here.

What is FaR?

Physical activity has a variety of positive effects and can be used in the treatment of a number of different diagnoses and diseases. FaR is prescribed by licensed healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and physiotherapists. Discuss what activities that suits you best with your healthcare professional.

Prescribing Yogobe to your patients

Yogobe offers support and information for those who want to apply digital training as part of the patient's treatment.

Please contact us and we will tell you more; [email protected]

”The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.”

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