12 Weeks

Learn how to handstand

Whether you are new to handstands or want to deepen your existing practice – this program will give you guidance to develop and play with handstands.


Play and have fun with handstands

Do you also want to learn how to handstand? Or maybe you want to practice your technique and be able to play even more with this wonderful yoga position? Then we have the program for you! Regardless of previous knowledge, Jeppe Skovgaard and Yogobe will guide you to prepare your hands, wrists, shoulders, and legs and awaken your center in the body for increased power.

Playfulness over achievement

There are so many different parts involved in a handstand, the whole body is challenged, as well as our playfulness. Because that is exactly what we...
12 Weeks program
7 videos in total
Preparatory sequences
5 Videos - 1H25Min
Practice & technique
2 Videos - 35Min