Created by Yogobe

85 min (6 Videos)

Liikkuvuutta, kehonhallintaa ja voimaa lisääviä harjoituksia aktiivisesti urheileville.

10 min

Hip Mobility Routine

Hockey Yoga: Oil up the engine for skating and transitioning in the goal crease.

10 min

The Butterfly Sequence

Hockey Yoga: A quick routine to get the hips ready for the ice.

30 min

Goalie Core

Strengthen and build a core that supports the mobility in your hips and legs without creating more tension.

10 min

Lengthen & Load bear

Hockey Yoga: Elongate and lengthen through the body.

5 min

Upper Back, Hips & Thighs

Hockey Yoga: Quick and wonderful sequence to release tension in the body.

20 min

Relax & Restore

Hockey Yoga: Restore, relax and oxygenate for a quicker recovery.