Authentic Flow

Created by Yogobe

185 min (5 Videos)

Authentic flow käyttää mm. somaattista sisältä ulospäin ohjautuvaa liikettä vahvistamaan kehomielen yhteyttä.

45 min

A flowing moment of presence

Practice how flow is the streaming of moment to moment presence by repeating familiar asanas.

5 min

Authentic Flow – Intro

Satu shares the story behind Authentic Flow.

45 min

Flow State

Authentic Flow: This is all about flow – flowing with body-mind-spirit even when our lives seem restricted.

45 min

The Heart's Cave

Authentic Flow: Let’s step into the cave of our heart to feel safe yet empowered to connect with the world.

45 min

Madhya – the in-between

Authentic Flow: Explore how the in-between and presencing can be a doorway into the now.