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Embodied Flow - 200 h Yoga Teacher Training

Date: 2 - 30 November 2018

Location: Philippines

Instructor: Satu Tuomela

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About the Training

Embodied Flow Yoga Alliance Certified Basic 200 h training on the most beautiful island in the world, Siargao!

The 200-hour level foundational yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and methodology of yoga from an Embodied Flow perspective.

Topics and practices include:

  • asana (from hatha, flow, yin yoga)
  • embodied anatomy
  • pranayama
  • meditation
  • the foundations of non-dual tantric philosophy.

With a focus on the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, students will deepen their own journey in the Living Art of Yoga while preparing to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.

For who?

Want to become a yoga teacher of the NOW with deeply rooted understanding of the tradition, non dual Tantra and Embodied anatomy among others things?

Hungry for cutting edge knowledge and embodiment of yourself in MOVEMENT and stillness, in the Flow?

Recommended, also, to anyone already teaching/facilitating yoga, dance, any movement classes!


  • Foundational alignment for Embodied Flow asana, integrating developmental and anatomical pathways in relationship to gravity and space
  • Embodiment Practices inspired by Body Mind Centering – tapping into the felt sense of different systems of the body in order to gain awareness, registry and resonance of these systems:
    • skeletal
    • organ
    • endocrine
    • muscular
    • developmental
    • nervous system
  • Embodied Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pranayama and Meditation to support our embodiment practices
  • History and Philosophy of Yoga, including foundational non-dual tantric philosophy and classical texts such as the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita
  • Teaching methodology and teaching exercises / theming / sequencing
  • Observing, demonstrating and assisting
  • Discovering your voice as a teacher

Useful Info

  • Date: 2-30 November, 2018
  • Time: 6:30-18:30 every day
  • Location: Siargao, Philippines
  • Price:
    • Normal Prices (first reservation fee then the rest:
      • First price (shared with 3 people) 2650 EUR
      • Second price: ( shared with 2 people) 2800 EUR
    • Early bird (when you pay full when you book):
      • First price (shared with 3 people) : 2250 EUR
      • Second price (shared with 2 people) : 2400 EUR
    • Private accommodation possible. Contact us for more info!
  • Included: Full training, food, acommodation and manual
  • Not included: Flights
  • Previous knowledge: This is for everyone with at least 1-2 year constant practice and wanting to deepen their studies and/or become a yoga teacher.
  • To bring: Your own yoga mat
  • Teachers: Satu Tuomela
    • Other assisting teachers there too holding space and sharing their magic!

About the Teacher

Satu Tuomela (ERYT500, Reiki master, Embodied Flow™ Teacher/Mentor) is one of the most influential and respected teachers in Scandinavia and has a big and loving Kula (community) around the world. Satu has been teaching for over 15 years and is known for her unique and authentic style. Her Embodied Flow™ yoga and Embodied Yin yoga classes are usually fully booked. She charms with her intuitive instructions, goddess vibe, humor, loving adjustments, Reiki and clear understanding of human body and how everybody is unique. Every class is different with purpose and will energize you with amazing music, laughs and freedom! She loves singing, surfing, nature and being with her family in her free time.


I"n the jungles of a surfer’s paradise, the Lotus Shores was founded on the understanding that on a fundamental level, spirituality is the realization of the Unity of Being and that this realization was at the very core of the blissful experience of wave-riding, meditation & yoga, travel and dining.

We are a community dedicated to cultivating this blissful state of being through practices that create health, peace, presence and wholeness such as: yoga, meditation, veganism, and reconnecting with the self that is inseparable from the natural environment through activities like surfing, trekking and more.

The way of life at retreat is such at we celebrate and honor the wholeness of existence in our day to day as much as in our chosen practices. With mindfulness and great care, our guest accommodation services balance comfort and community, catering to the needs of each individual so that he may deeply experience the whole."

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