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The Alchemical Womb

Date: 1 June - 31 October 2020

Location: Online

Instructor: Sarah-Jane Perman

About the course

We are living in the time of the great Womb Awakening, and this is your invitation to dive deep into the portal of your holy womb. To soften into her darkness, remembering what is here. As a reclamation of the mysteries of the feminine that live on through your temple body, connecting to infinite wisdom of your inner sanctum, awakening sensuality, pleasure and inner alchemy for creation, magnetism and vitality as the vessel for the birthing of the golden age of the New Earth.

We have been preparing for this moment of great planetary re-set through many lifetimes as mothers, feminine initiates, dakinis, midwives, medicine women and priestesses.

We are summoned together as the Council of the Rose to accelerate out remembrance and amplify our power as we connect hearts and wombs to weave the golden thread of light.

Dancing with wild, open and sensual bodies to charge the frequency and birth the new world through the ecstasy of our collective womb.

The Alchemical Womb

This is a 3-level virutal experience that explores womb wisdom and alchemy in depth.

Level 1 - The Reconnection is foundational, including womb communion, clearing, sacred cycle wisdom and blood mysteries. Starting in June.

Level 2 - Creative Womb awakens sacred sexuality with jade egg teachings and inner alchemy practices, for awakening creativity, radiance and vitality. Starting in August.

Level 3 - New Earth Womb is remembrance of the Rose Priestess codes with goddess guides and womb grail gates initiation and return to our original ecstatic blue print of sexual innocence. Starting in October.

Practical info

  • Dates: June 1st - October 31st
  • Location: Online
  • Price: 333 USD for all three levels
  • Included in the price: Full course content with lifetime access
  • Instructor: Sarah-Jane Perman

About the instructor

Sarah-Jane is a spiritual catalyst, transmissionary and agent of awakening serving women in the remembrance of who they are as sovereign creators of the New Earth. Through her work as Womb Alchemist and feminine embodiment guide she supports women to reclaim the wisdom of their bodies and liberate their wild, sensual true nature.

A life long dancer, yoga teacher and shamanic facilitator working with tantra, taoism, somatic embodiment and priestess arts, Sarah-Jane created Sacred Wom(b)an Mystery School, Wild Goddess Retreats and online womb initiations to serve as the safe container for women to access the powerful medicine that have to share.

She has facilitated in almost all continents of the world appearing at festivals like Wanderlust and Bali Spirit Festival where she holds powerful sacred space weaving multidimensional journeys of somatic movement, womb awakening, goddess invocation and shamanic ritual. As a Rose Priestess of the Isis Sophia lineage she also guides remembrance journeys in Egypt and Glastonbury.

In 2016 she birthed her son and began the humbling and heart expanding journey of becoming mother and Priestess. Read more about Sarah-Jane here.

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