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Being authentic – with Satu Tuomela

11 February 2020 | By Yogobe

Authentic Flow, a yoga form just released here at Yogobe, is built on intuition, embodiment and exploration. We asked Satu Tuomela – founder of Authentic Flow, senior yoga teacher and member of Team Yogobe – three questions on the topic authenticity.  And this is truly a yoga style channeling her entire life philosophy. Get inspired to explore authenticity in movement!

Three questions on authentitcity – with Satu Tuomela

1) What has changed in you - the persona "Satu Tuomela"– pre-yoga, vs. post-yoga?
I think the biggest change, if comparing me before discovering yoga and now, is that I truly care about what happens in this world, and that I believe that everything we do as people have an effect – positive or negative. I mean, I started yoga pretty early on and if I look back, I was way more self-absorbed then, than now. Gradually my practice changed everything: from eating meat to not, from drinking in clubs to not, from obsessing over material things to not.

Yoga forced me to get “in me”, if that makes sense. It was a total involusion, and it became loud and clear what was good for me and what was not. As I started to feel this, I also started to sense and be emotional about what was happening outside of me too. My practice really made me an activist.

2) What inspired you to create Authentic flow?
What didn’t!? Let me tell you. At that time, I had been kind of forced into teaching a set series of asanas (yoga poses) for some years and my inspiration for teaching was just dying inside of me. My dance background, even my basketball loving soul, just wanted to break free and start moving and teaching more intuitively. So I did. I started to devour somatic teachings, free movement and non-dual Tantra. The embodiment process of all that was channelling through me as a practitioner and a teacher was intense. It took me some years to get grounded with all of it and start teaching it to others fully. I am so glad I did though, now after 10+ years, our school is ever more a delight for me.

3) What values do you try to live by, for your children and for generations to come?
I have been thinking of this a lot lately as I just had my third child, my first daughter. I feel so responsible and excited at the same time. Responsible, as it is so important for me to raise my children to think for themselves and to feel responsible over the state of this planet and our communities, but also to let things shift and live through them freely as well. I am trying to be an example of that. I feel also excited, as this generation will be epic! I am so privileged to see how it all unfolds as a mother, and how they will teach us so much.

Authentic Flow classes online

Check out the new Authentic Flow-classes with Satu – enjoy!

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Explore how the in-between and presencing can be a doorway into here and now.

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Authentic Flow: Let’s step into the cave of our heart to feel safe yet empowered to connect with the world.

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Authentic Flow: This is all about flow – flowing with body-mind-spirit even when our lives seem restricted.

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