Stephanie Verstift

"One of the greatest acts of love, is to cook."


Speciality: Food & Wellbeing

Location: Småland, Sweden


Stephanie’s strength is to always keep learning, exploring and creating. Her love for food brings her to the local farms, as well as far-away flavours. 

Stephanie’s expertise is in plant-based and vegetarian cooking, retreat cooking, wellbeing hosting and sustainable gastronomy. She loves to create beautiful experiences through food, both in the kitchen and at the table. Working with food, is a wonderful way to nourish our bodies, our loved ones and a world that treads gently on the earth and its resources.

Beyond that, she loves to explore food culture. With a background in cultural anthropology, she has always loved storytelling and discovering wisdom in the people, traditions and practices surrounding our daily meals.

You find Stephanie on Instagram: @stephanie.verstift 



Stephanie worked for five years as the head chef at Mundekulla Retreat Center in Southern Sweden. She loved cooking ever since she could hold a spoon and has a wide experience in cooking, vegetable gardening and catering.

Stephanie’s educational background is in Liberal Arts and Sciences (University of Utrecht) and she did her Masters in Cultural and Organizational Anthropology (Free University Amsterdam). She later added a one year education in Japanese Shiatsu Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


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”The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.”

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