Sara Ivarsson

"Find the others. With hearts like yours. Run far, run free" - Robbie Williams "Love my life"


Speciality: Yoga with a focus on those affected by cancer, yoga for athletes , biomechanics, ISHTA

Location: Malmö/Lund, Sweden


Sara is a movement enthusiast with a great passion for body and movement. She has been sporting and been active throughout her life. In her early teens, running became her main focus, and when she came into contact with yoga in 2007, she discovered what a valuable complement it is to running.

As a seasoned traveler in the world of movement and the physical body, Sara was fascinated mainly by yoga's tools for recovery, mindfulness, presence and focus. In 2012, she took her first steps towards becoming a yoga teacher and then focused on yoga for athletes. Over time, an interest in therapeutic and rehabilitative yoga grew. When she became a close relative in a cancer treatment, she understood in what area she wanted to work.

Today Sara holds yoga, lectures and engages in meetings with those affected by cancer - both patients and survivors as well as relatives - and shares her knowledge and experiences as a yoga teacher, lymph masseur and her own experiences.

Education: ISHTA yoga, Adaptive Yoga, with Jillian Pransky, Yoga for Cancer teacher training, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga meets science

To live after cancer – nature therapy
Living after cancer – growing after cancer
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