Maria Olofsson

#moreair – more deeper breaths, more space in the calender and more movement outdoors in the fresh air.


Speciality: Yoga, Barre Move, Inner Strength, Dance

Location: Umeå


"It is more than 20 years ago that I held my first dance class, and I can still remember the feeling, seeing the faces of the participants, dancing and doing steps that they might not think they were able to do. To see the smiles in a dance class, or the focus and presence in a yoga class gives me the greatest inspiration, and gives me the energy to always work from the inside and out, no matter if I teach a workshop for instructors or create a new concept"

"If I have to describe myself with one word it would be ENERGY. I love to get energy from meeting people and see them grow, at a class, an instructor training or at my daily job as a business coach and operation manager"

Nike Master trainer and global presenter for more than 15 years. Swedish reward "Instructor of the year".

Cofounder of Inner Strength and Barre Move

Education: Global Yoga SAFE The Academy Train the trainer in Nike training Club

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