Jovanna Stolt

Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom – Kierkegaard


Speciality: Leg. physiotherapist, personal trainer, yoga teacher.

Location: Stockholm


Jovanna runs Jovanna Stolt Health AB, which offers compassion courses, existential guidance, personal training with physiotherapist skills and consulting services in the health and care segment. Jovanna is passionate about strengthening the client's resources through the exploration of self-compassion, existential conversations and individually adapted movement.

You find Jovanna at:

Facebook: Jovanna Stolt Health

Instagram: jovanna_stolt_health


  • Physiotherapy bachelor
  • Psychosomatic physiotherapy
  • Mindful self-compassion (MSC Teacher Training)
  • Existential guidance
  • Virya yoga teacher 200h
  • Motivational talks and physical activity
  • Mediyoga instructor
  • Personal trainer PT-School
  • Pilates STOTT matwork
  • MammaMage (training for mothers)

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